andy cary

a list of people that are generally not recognized as Bisexual!

Freddie Mercury! 
Billie Joe Armstrong!
Angelina Jolie! 
Drew Barrymore! 
Alan Cumming!
David Bowie!
Amy Winehouse!
Channing Tatum! 
Andy Dick!
Cary Grant!
Evan Rachel Wood!
Lou Reed!
Marlon Brando! 
Vanessa Carlton!
Shane Dawson! 
Sammy Davis Jr! 
Cara Delevingne! 
Megan Fox! 
Janis Joplin! 
Lady Gaga! 
Lindsay Lohan! 
Lauren Jauregui!
Frank Ocean! 
Anthony Rapp! (I don’t know where he stands on this now, but I know when he put out his autobiography he was self-identifying as bisexual.) 
George Shelley! 
Bella Thorne! 
Virginia Woolf!

Also, people who are rumored to be bisexual or talked about having both same-sex and opposite-sex attraction but died either before bisexuality was accepted or before they were old enough to define their own sexuality (or both!) so we dunno the truth!

William Shakespeare!
Alexander Hamilton!
Hans Christian Anderson!
Sid Vicious! 
Lord Byron! 
Anne Frank! 
Herman Melville!