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Realized I had never posted my day two of RTX update, so here it finally is. With everything from the Michael and Lindsay signing where I was the literal last person, to the monster truck meet up where Jeremy was given a wooden sword thing, to Theater Mode live. Day two had been a wonderful day

Escape from Beneath the Conquest of the Battle from the War of the Rise of the Dawn of the Return of the Planet of the Apes.

Achievement Hunter Analogy: Theatre

The main 6 are the cast; Geoff is the writer that gives himself a role. Ray quit and became part of a one-man show, where Jeremy (once part of crew and an understudy) permanently took his place.

The Crew:
Lindsay is the stage manager that lets them goof off during rehearsals but makes sure deadlines are met and the show is ready. She is also an understudy when necessary.

Steffie is the assistant stage manager and acts as a stage hand. When Lindsay is put it as an understudy, Steffie makes sure the crew get everything done.

Matt is the main set builder for plays, acting as a stagehand when set construction is over, and an understudy when necessary.

Caleb and Trevor often stay in the light/sound booth(s), designing the lighting and music for every play and making sure it goes off without a hitch. Trevor is also an understudy.

Mica is the costume designer and the one who does stage makup for the cast. She is also an understudy and helps with lights and sound when Trevor is filling in for someone.

Andy works the curtains during plays, as well as acting as a stagehand and an understudy.

Max, Larry, Neal, and Kent are all the main stagehands, and are able to fill in for any of the understudies when they have to fill in for the cast.

Rooster Teeth Extra Life Stream

As a teenager who goes back and forth between separated parents’ homes and who has no local extended family to speak of, family gatherings just aren’t a thing. So the Extra Life Stream is my Thanksgiving dinner, my Christmas Eve party, etc. And once again you guys didn’t dissappoint. So thank you everyone at RT for putting yourselves through this every year, not just for the kids, but for giving your fans an annual family gathering that gives us memories that will last a life time.

I don’t know if I can express how much I love Andy and Mica’s relationship. She just shot him with 3 separate paintball guns and then again with the fast one because it got jammed and he not once bitched about it, in fact he had her start over because he wanted it to look good. Like yeah they talked about it hours ago, but still, that’s serious friendship and trust. And he got more worried about her getting paint on her outfit than how much pain he was in.

Edie Sedgwick, Superstar from 60s had the most wonderful, BIG EYES!

Here’s my artwork for the Big Eyes art contest. It’s a submission as well as a tribute to the most beautiful Edie Sedgwick, who unfortunately died very young at age of 28. For those who don’t know who Edie Sedgwick was, she was Andy Warhol’s muse, actress, artist as well as loving person. She had beautiful, huge eyes.

Andy Warhol about Edie and her eyes:

“Edie was spoiled materially, but starved and tortured emotionally. You can see that in her eyes. Oh, those sprightly, beautiful but also deeply sorrowful light brown eyes that I will never forget.”