andy axel irons

Lil Axel Throwing in Roses for His Daddy it Just Get me so sad I just don’t wanna think about it it gets me teary eyed… Lyndie is beyond strong I dont know how she does it… what a strong Women … she is such I nice person too… God bless the Irons Family for Being so Strong.

we Miss You AI <3

“ I am so thankful for my lil Prince. He treats me like a queen just like his Dad did. He compliments me daily on what I wear, my hair or simply tells me I’m pretty. He helps me do the dishes, takes out the trash and turns off all the lights and makes sure the door is locked before we go to bed. If he sees a flower it is picked and behind my ear . He is always asking me if I’m happy. He is only just 3 but I swear he has been around for years. He is so smart so perfect and I’m so thankful for my prince 💙” beautiful words from Lyndie on her special little boy - for sure he has more than a little bit of Andy him in, he sent that special guy to love, care and protect you like he would ❤