andy and the pandy's

I always see post on here of photo sets of Patrick & Pete or Joe & Andy or just one for each band member. I’m here to change things up, because all of the boys are best pals not just Pete and Patrick or Joe and Andy. 

Here we will focus on the friendship of Andrew and Patrick

(this is a part 2 I guess, you might have seen my Joe/Patrick one)

Let’s get cozy in the friendzone

Well for starters they were the last two memebers of the band, Joe met Patrick at a book store and was like “TRy out for MY baND dUde” and Pete was like “I know this kid who is going to college to become a professor he’s going to be the drummer” and then texted Andy something like “jn m bnd”

They are both the cutest dorks!

They both can play drums fairly well

They could probably steal yo girl

Let’s not ignore the fact that they are amazing when it comes to meet and greet photos

And there acoustic shows are always illuminating

they are insanely 100 times cuter when they are put by children

they both look hella good in a suite

oh yea they are really caring about the fans

they have mad selfie selfie taking skills

and this picture exist and no one knows what the eff their doing

Isn’t it ironic/funny that Andy has “f-u-c-k” tattoed on his knuckles and PAtrick’s slogan is “Holy Smokes”

Oh yeah and the candid pictures of them are cute as frick

remember when Patrick said this about Andy @ the VS fashion show?

Basically Andy and Patrick are best buds, who love eachother and would defend the other no matter what.

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emma, I have a poem for you *clears throat* emma, bobemma / what a fine girl you are / idg why you don't like space / since i'm practically a star!

I have a poem for you too *clears throat*

Andi pandi

you’re always so randy

I’m not mad about space

but I do love your face,

so much so

you make my heart go whoa.

I’m an ocean girl at heart

but man, you’re smart

and when you talk about the stars

you take me to Mars,

and when I come back home

this history nerd feels like she’s been to Rome

All because she’s been with you.

YoungQ! Prompt: There are small moments where James, Moneypenny, Alex, M, and MI6 forgets how young Q is and they realize that’s a good and bad thing. – anon

Hope you like it, lovely. Jen.

“Never watched it.”

“What?” Eve turned round to him. “Andy Pandy. You never saw it?!”

“Nope,” Q replied, not looking up from his screen, pushing his glasses up his nose with a finger. “I was more of a Barney, Dexter’s Lab guy.”

“You do surprise me,” Eve smirked. “Never ending story? Princess Bride?”

“A little before my time,” Q said, flitting to another screen, brows contracted with worry. “Seriously Eve, I’m a little busy, if you could just…”

“You’ve never seen the Princess Bride?!”

Q rolled his eyes, taking Bond off the loudspeaker. “Oddly, double-oh seven, no. I haven’t. Nor did I watch the original Batman series. Now if you could please focus on the small matter of the two cars pursuing you…”

“But how could you not have…”

“Bond, now is not the time.”

Abruptly, Bond’s voice lost the mocking edge. “Q, can’t shake. Need to open fire.”


The moment Q uttered the word, Eve felt her breath catch. Bond didn’t; he was busy doing as required, the sharp shots half-audible even with the speaker turned off. Bodies falling, lifeless, while Bond did whatever he considered necessary.


“Moneypenny, bugger off, I’m busy.”

“You’re so young.”

Q whipped around, and shot her an absolutely lethal glare. “Is now the time?!”

“Still with you,” Q replied, eyes still on Moneypenny. “Are you clear?”


Bond’s voice rang through Q, and he exhaled, eyes closing very briefly. “Excellent. Flight at 15:10, tickets will be waiting for you. Congratulations, double-oh seven.”

“Received. You really haven’t watched the Princess Bride?!”

“I’m going to kill you both.”

“But Q…”

Oh my good sweet lord.”

“You just ordered several people’s deaths,” Eve noted quietly. “Q, how old are you?”

“Absolutely none of your business,” Q replied curtly. “Old enough that Tanner looked vaguely pale and M didn’t believe I was competent for a good few months. I mean Mallory, not past-M; she believed in me from the outset, interestingly enough. In spite of my age.”

Eve continued to look quietly, awfully concerned. “Please, Q,” she tried. “I don’t mean to pry, but…”

“Since when are you the resident mother figure?!” Q managed, looking at her with palpable disbelief. “And stop giggling, double-oh seven, you’re annoying the life out of me. I’m old enough. I’ve been hired. Yes. Good. Everybody fucking happy yet?”

“Alec bet you’re in your teens.”

“Alec’s a moron.”

“Oi,” Eve interjected – she’d been dating Alec for over a year – and then gave up. “Yeah, okay. Bit of a moron. But he means well.”

Q raised an eyebrow. “Sometimes. But yes. I’m young.”

“You’re a baby.”

“I’m going to kill you.”

Bond’s grin was audible. “You’ll have to catch me first.”

Finally, Q’s grin was there, was everything, and Eve could see why Q and Bond worked well together. “Don’t tempt me, double-oh seven.”

He was young. So young. Too young.

He was also the best Quartermaster in MI6 history.

“I need a cleanup,” Q was saying, babbling into his headpiece with CCTV running over and over again, tracing streets in a country worlds away from MI6. “Double-oh seven has two dead, need them out of the way. You have thirty minutes and counting.”

He was brilliant.

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Anything Andy/Patrick? Tattoo worship, cuddlefucking, whatever. :]

[I’m going with stealth cuddles because of that one gifset that I love more than is healthy]

Andy doesn’t believe in labels, and he doesn’t believe in talking when action will do. So when he looks at Patrick one day, and something shifts - yes, him - he moves forward.

In Andy’s opinion, walking into the studio as soon as he felt the urge to plant a kiss on Patrick’s neck and doing just that serves as a decent declaration of intent.

Of course, he forgot to account for Patrick being friends with Pete Wentz, makeout whore. Patrick has learned to accept people laying kisses on him with an equanimity that Andy wishes he also applied to things like rehearsal schedules.

The next time, when Andy nuzzles Patrick’s neck, he gets a weird look from Joe, a couple whispered threats from Pete if Andy damages his precious lead singer, but no so much as a batted eyelash from Patrick.

It’s frankly a little insulting. Andy’s aware he should probably just sit Patrick down and explain, but at this point, it’s a matter of pride. Andy damn well kisses like he means it; Patrick better recognize.

So he corners Patrick, pins him to a wall by his shoulders, and does his best to learn the taste of his mouth by heart.

After the first shock Patrick’s yielding, sweet. It’s not what Andy expected, enough so that he pulls away to ask, “This okay?”

Patrick’s eyes are glassy. Then he licks his lips, and Andy can’t really look at his eyes any longer. “Um. Great. Why did we stop?”

“I’m kissing you,” Andy says. “Like I mean it. Because I do.”

“Great,” Patrick repeats. “So again, why stop?”

At which point Andy realizes that either Patrick’s boundaries have worn really, really thin by constant pushing from Wentz and Co, or he’s okay doing this with even less talking than Andy intended.

Andy decides to go with it and keep kissing. He’s a believer in all forms of anarchy, including in relationships.

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I love the royals but pushing Andrew forward is a mistake. People don't forgive or forget when a man has sex with an underaged girl. Comments still bring up the queen getting Andrew out of that one. Edward should have been put before Andy Pandy.

It’s not forward, he is not moving up , he is helping out his mother and Prince Charles has his own duties, you never know,  they may throw one the younger ones in, wait and see. It’s the DM we are talking about, bullshit and clicks. 

I like Edward and Sophie, they do a fantastic job, they are people to look up to.

Was he charged with that? what ever happened to that?

thanks anon

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hello do you have any good aziraphale/crowley fic recs? or really anything good omens, actually. thanks!

Oh my gosh. Nonny. Nonny, you have come to the right girl. 

Yes, I have fic recs, pages of the things, and I shall share my knowledge with you in as organised a manner as I can manage. See below the cut because this is going to get long.

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