andy and his grandmother


{Hey yall!! Its been a while since Ive written my own imagine :3 and if you have been following me for a long time you know my personal imagines are pretty silly Cx, and since it is October, why not make a spooky one? So in this imagine, its Halloween, (Y/N) and the guys dont know what to do and are bored, but thats until CC comes up with a brilliant idea, enjoy!}

You were sitting on your couch and looking out the window, smiling at all the children walking around the neighborhood in their adorable costumes and holding buckets full of sweet candy.
You wanted to get into the spirit so you decided to put on your black cat ears, yellow cat contacts, cute black smokey eye shadow and paint on the pink nose and whiskers.
You heard a flirty whistle behind you and turned around to see Andy standing by the door frame, biting his bottom lip, his eyes rising up and down. Of course you blushed a little, Andy’s little flirty expression would make any girl blush.
“Hey there kitty kitty.” He tells you.
You giggled and rolled your eyes.
“Yes human?”
“How about you step inside my litter box?” He asked biting his lip once more.
You instantely became confused, “You want me to shit on you?”
He back tracked on what he said and shook his head, “Okay that came out wrong.” You laughed and put on some finishing touches. “Why dont you put on your costume?” You question.

“This is my costume.” He replied. You sighed and gave him a look, “Andy, your batman pajamas dont count.”
“Says you!”
“Whatever.” You muttered and walked away from the room.
“Hey!! No one beats this costume!” He yelled following you, causing you to laugh once more.
As you walked into the living room, Jake and Jinxx were playing their guitars, Ashley was wearing his hello kitty hoodie and playing his bass.
“Why arent you guys in costumes its Halloween.” You asked them.
“(Y/N), thats little kids stuff.” Said Jinxx.
“Oh come on, this is my favorite holiday, and we’re not even doing anything, the least you guys can do is put on a freakin costume dammit!!!” You shouted making them flinch.

Ashley got closer to Andy and whispered, “Has she been eating the candy?”
“I can hear you Ash!” You warned him. You looked around and saw there was one person missing, “Hey where’s CC at?”
“Im up here!! Just putting on some finishing touches on my costume!!” He yelled from upstairs.
“Thank you!! See? CC’s not afraid to get into the spirit!” You nagged.
Seconds later, CC came downstairs, all of your mouths dropped when you saw what he was wearing, which was a pink tutu and tiara.
“C-CC?…” you stuttered.
He came all the way down and strutted, Andy and Ash were already cracking up.
“Guess what I am!” He happily exclaimed.
“A dumbass.” Stated Jake.
CC glared at him and hit him with his wand, “Dont hate me cause Im beautiful.”

“Dude, what the hell?” Questioned Andy.
“Dont act like you never wore a tutu before.” He striked, and immediately Andy backed off raising his hands in the air surrendering.
CC looked around and saw how lazy everyone was being. “Arent we gonna do anything?”
“What do you mean?” Ashley asked.
“You know go out or something?”
“Thats exactly what I asked, they dont wanna do anything.” You stated.
“So this is our halloween? Staying in and playing our instruments?”
“Sorry Cinderella nobody’s taking you to the ball.” Said Jinxx. “Im gonna ignore that, now come on lets go out.”

“Naaah.” The guys said in unison. You shrugged and shook your head. “Guess we’re staying in.” You muttered, crossing your arms and crashing yourself onto the couch.
“Well what do you guys want us to do?”
Andy asked.
CC had an evil smile on his face and nodded. “Well lucky for you guys, I know exactly what we can do.”
Moments later, you and the guys were walking to the empty side of the neighborhood. No children or cars were around, and it didnt help that it was all foggy outside.
“CC where the hell are you taking us?” You questioned. “Yeah, its all creepy looking over here.” Jake said.

“All this place is missing is Michael Jackson comming out with his zombies singing thriller.” Says Ash.
“Well thankfully we dont have to walk any further, lady and gentlemen, we are standing right in front, of the abandoned house.” CC tells you poiting to the branchy house ahead of you guys.
“Whats so special about a dusty house?”
Andy asked with a bored expression.
“Its not just any old house! It used to belong, to a witch!!”
You all still had a bored expression.
“Fuck you guys just follow me.” He muttered and you followed him inside the house.
As you looked around, everything looked very vintage, it was almost like you guys traveled back in time to the 1920s.
“Wow…whoever lived here mustve been very rich.” Gasped Jake.
“Wicked witch had bank!!” CC yelled.
You all looked more around in the house, everything was nice and quiet until you all flinched when Ash gasped.
“What is it Ash?” You asked very concerned.

He had a huge druely smile on his face,
“Naked lady statue..” he mumbled.
You rolled your eyes, the guys just chuckled. “I wanna touch it.” Ash said with a blank, hypnotized stare, his hands reaching out like a zombie aiming for the statue’s breasts.
You slapped his hands down hard making him squeak like a girl. “What the hell (Y/N)?”
“Stop being an idiot and dont touch anything!”
“Okay MOM!”
You all froze when you heard a door squeaking open from upstairs.
“Did you guys hear that?” Muttered Jinxx.
“Well why else would we freeze up?!” Jake yelled.
“Guys shut up!” Ordered Andy.
You all stayed silent, listening for any more noises, and there was, you all gasped and got closer together.

“CC?…are you sure the witch that lived here is dead?” Ashley questioned fightend.
“I never said she was dead…”
More things broke upstairs and you all became even more afraid, especially when the front door shut by itself.
“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!” You whispered loudly.
“What if she wants to eat one of us?” Asked Jinxx.
“She sure as hell cant eat me, sure Im delicious but still…” Andy says.
“Please, if she eats you she’ll be having an unbalanced breakfast.” CC muttered.
“The hell is that supposed to mean?”
“You guys shut up! I think I hear footsteps…” you whispered once more.
You all started shaking now as you saw a shadow at the top of the stairs.
Slolwy and carefully you saw the sillhouette of a very old woman comming down the stairs.

“Aaaaaahhhh!!!” You all shrieked in unison. Trying your hardest to open the front door, but since you were panicking so much you couldnt get it open.
The lights turned on and you screammed even louder.
“Who are you people?!” Demanded the old lady.
As you all turned around to look at her.
Your eyes in particular widend when you saw the familiar face. “Grandma?!” You exclaimed.
“Grandma?!” Yelled the guys.
“(Y/N)? Sweetheart what are you doing here?”
“This place…this is your…well no fucking wonder this place looked familiar to me!”
You say.
“Uhh..awkwaaard.” Sang Ashley. Andy approached your grandmother scratching the back of his head.
“Um listen, We’re really sorry for freaking out and all that its just that our friend here said that this place was abandoned and haunted.” He explains.

Since you were reminded of that you crossed your arms, raised your eyebrows and turned to CC glaring at him.
“Hey uh CC?…”
You went closer with a scary and deadly stare. “Who did you say this place belonged to?”
“Uh…haha…a witch…”
You shook your head, “No no, I think you said stitch..”
“More like stitch-es, CAUSE THATS EXACTLY WHAT YOURE GONNA BE NEEDING WHEN IM DONE WITH YOU!!” You screamed. CC ran as fast as he could out the door, “Get fucking back here!!”
You ordered and went after him, tackling him down to the ground.
The others were just watching from the front porch making painful expressions.
“My granddaughter has never changed..”
“Oh man thats gonna hurt in the morning.” Stated Jake.
“You know what this was way better than staying at home doing nothing.” Said Ashley and they all agreed.
“Ooooooooh!!!” They all yelled, CC screaming at the top of his lungs.
“He got butt fucked by his own wand…” Jinxx said chuckling.
Andy started laughing and put his amrs around Jinxx and Jake’s shoulders…
“Happy Halloween mother fuckers.”

(I was going to post this on the 31st but I couldnt wait lol Cx)

Among the Genie’s many transformations in Aladdin and the King of Thieves is an old, grandmotherly woman, clearly meant to be “Mrs. Doubtfire” a character played by Robin Williams in the film of the same title, Mrs. Doubtfire. The character originated as “‘Andy Kaufman’’s Grandmother” at his famous Carnegie Hall Show and was adapted for the movie.

302. Andy Kaufman's 'Andy And His Grandmother'

One of the things I still love about record reviews is that even after reading a 1200 word thing that makes you think, or presents the album in an interesting way, you can still be surprised/bewildered/disappointed when listening to a new album. I’ve always looked at reviews as something extending the experience of an album; the “second screen” experience if you will. But sometimes, reviews can’t really prepare you properly. 

Which is to say I wasn’t prepared at all for the actual experience of listening to Andy and His Grandmother, the debut LP, 30 years after he died, of comedian Andy Kaufman. I have been into reading/listening to/watching Kaufman since that Jim Carrey biopic came out in the late ‘90s (plus my dad being able to recreate bits from him all the time made me interested in him), so I was ready for this album. I read Alex Pappademas’ great piece on the album on Grantland. I read Ryan Dombal’s on Pitchfork. 

But then I got the thing home, and it’s basically just like listening to someone’s microcassette pranks, which of course, is actually WHAT THIS IS. Kaufman spent all of his spare time trying out bits on unsuspecting people and recording it. The audio is rough, Kaufman yells a lot, and the most inspired bit is Kaufman interviewing a woman he just had sex with and asking her about her technique. It was as brutal an experience to listen to as I imagine it would be for someone to listen to Macaulay Culkin’s Talkboy in 1992. 

The reviews made it out to be like the album was a gonzo masterpiece, like Kaufman’s shows at Radio City Music Hall in audio form. They are not. This is one of the toughest albums to get through that I’ve ever listened to. It was an album that made me self-conscious, like someone would judge me for listening to a guy yell at people on the streets on record. It left me wondering if it was even funny, which isn’t exactly the best thing for an ostensible comedy record.  

That said, I am glad I got into this. My 15-year-old self would have geeked to get an Andy Kaufman record; that’s the thing that prevents him from being considered one of the greats by my generation. He never had a definitive movie role, and he never had an album, or anything except for the SNL performances as physical manifestations of his greatness. His hilarity was all secondhand. His greatness was something you had to experience in the moment. Even if that moment was him yelling at you on the street.