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Top 6 TWD cast interview moments

  • the mtv interview with melissa, norman, danai and andy. iconic from start to finish with andy talking about his flip phone and norman napping in mel’s lap.
  • the conan interview with steven, lauren, danai, melissa and norman. danai talking about driving several swords around in her trunk, steven showing a pic of a younger him with a fanny pack and melissa and norman singing their song.
  • steven, norman and melissa on the jimmy kimmel show, including them taking backstage pics with bill murray in a dress. (okay there are better interviews but mel was in it and i started talking with my better half @dixonscarol​ that night sooo it’s always in my heart).
  • all the tv guide interviews during comic cons in san diego. every single one is my fave. from lennie fangirling over beyonce to lauren playfully screaming shut uppp at steven. i’m just…in love with the cast.
  • the telephone interview with brandon from comicbook melissa gave while chilling in normans trailer and then she just passes the phone to him because why not
  • and last but not least melissa’s la times interview because it was so thoughtful and just about her and i still cry that we got something like this.

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Hii! What do you think of Andy Black as Sirius Black? Just change his eye color and woow, he has the tattoos and even the last name xD

Anyone else feels like Sirius would have been stoked to be compared to Andy Black? He looks great though, i think he could make a good Sirius with some adjustments!

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Dad. You literally told him you love him? And he said it back? - Andy the Anon

*noves his hands from his face* Shhhhh, not to loud! Someone could hear you!


“That hug… everybody was crying, the whole group was just choked up.” - Norman Reedus




There was an episode, like, really early on, when I came running up and I jumped over the couch and my heels hit the edge of the couch and I slipped off and took it right in the shins with the table. And the punch bowl just kinda goes, “whoosh,” like this, and everybody is like, still. And I hold it still, and I’m like- you just can’t smile now. And I’m like- “Stay in character. Stay in character. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt.” And everybody else starts laughing. I remember watching the episode and going, “They kept it. That’s awesome!" I like making people laugh, and if that helps to make people happy, I’ll hurt myself a little bit. - Ashton Kutcher, That ‘70s Show