(Request #2) - From: Anonymous “Hia! Can I request an imagine of Andy! Could I request a family holiday type of thing with the rest of the boys and their families? Could you use my name, Hollie and could me and Andy have 2 kids, a 6-year-old boy called Juno and a newborn girl called Lynette or Nett for short? I love your work!”

Hollie, Baby. You know I love you to death but you are taking forever to get ready, and we have such a long drive ahead of us.” Andy shout’s lovingly from the bottom of the stairs. When you didn’t reply he could sense your eye’s rolling. “Nett and I are getting bored… I’m telling you she is going to start crying at any moment.” Andy make’s a silly face at Lynette causing her to giggle. “Don’t let mommy hear you, Then she may stay up there even longer.”Andy joke’s, bending over to place kisses on Lynette’s chubby cheeks. “I heard that.” You smirk, making your way downstairs holding hands with Juno. Andy scoop’s Lynette out of her car seat, Then look’s over at you. “Wow, How did I ever get so lucky to have the most handsome little man and the most gorgeous wife in the world.” Andy state’s proudly. Lynnette starts to babble loudly. “Yes, Yes and the most beautiful baby girl in the world.” Andy speaks softly too her. Lynnette blows raspberries as if to say ‘I know I am.

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“The way this game goes, you guys are gonna act out a scene. We’re going to give you a scene and characters and things like that. The twist is whenever you hear the bell, whoever spoke last has to rewind and give a new take on their line. You can just play out the scene as you want over the course of 60 seconds.”

Debunking Hogwarts Rumors

There have been some rumors among the Hogwarts Student Body about the Gryffindor favorites, it’s definitely from those who don’t know them, it’s time to set the record straight.

Sirius Black is a Soft Flower Child

Sirius: The fuck you lookin’ at?

Remus is a Swot

*During Prefect Duties*

*Student out of bed*

Remus: No. Stop. Come back.

James is an Uncaring Asshole

James: Hey, hey, hey. Forget him, I’ll buy you a hundred flowers! I’ll put lace-wing flies in his potion tomorrow! I’ll send him a Howler everyday for a year!

Peter is a Lady’s Man

*girl sits down to talk with Peter*

*Peter leaves*

Lily is a Hard-Ass 

*weekly quiet time with Dorcas*

Marlene and Dorcas are “Gal Pals”

Dorcas: I love you.

Marlene: I love you too, Meadows.

Young Volcanoes

Under normal circumstances, the Potter-Weasley-Malfoy family would avoid the Press like the plague, but with a family that big, it’s simply not possible.

Each of the children has mastered their own- unique- method of dealing with the attention…

Harry: Alright, it’s an 18 yard dash to the front door, it’s packed out there, 

Harry: if someone gets separated YOU CIRCLE BACK. No one gets left behind!

Ginny: Remember, don’t tuck your thumbs. It’s all in the elbows, no punches- 

Ginny: I’m looking at you James and Lily.

Harry: Don’t make eye contact, they sense weakness. Understand everyone?

Everyone: *nods*

Harry: Send us off Teddy, Victoire. Battle stations everyone!

Ginny: *whistles* Go go go!


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