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Hey :D I'm going to answer that post you just reblogged cause you seem pretty cool! I'm Abi, my favourite colour is orange, idk my favourite ship is probably the Joker & Harley Quinn (slightly embarrassing but oh well) my favourite ice cream flavour is strawberry, and I did have a cat but he died last month :( !

Hi Abi! Thanks for doing it!! I was beginning to think no one would! And thanks for thinking I’m cool. I don’t think a lot of people do. Weird is their word of choice when describing me.

Orange is a cool colour, I’d say it’s my third favourite colour (after blue and red). That’s an interesting ship, I’m not really familiar with the fandom, but hey, there are a lot of fandoms I’m not familiar with! Strawberry is my second favourite flavour of ice cream! And I am so sorry about your cat! It’s the worst losing a pet! My dog had to get put down at the beginning of the year, and I’m still not over it! 

And don’t worry, you can talk to me any time! :D

<3 xx

NO NO NO NO NO!!! I cannot ship Lily with Snape! I mean, yeah the dude loved her, but people fail to realise that Snape was a little shit at Hogwarts. Yeah, James was as well, but he grew up in his last year, Snape didn’t. And the dude was obsessed with the dark arts and like?? he WAS a deatheater! There was a point where he WAS a deatheater and liked being one, it was only when Lily died that he changed… people seem to forget this. Lily was always good. Snape was bad once. There was no way they would’ve got together! 

OKay, I’ll stop ranting, but that’s a passionate subject for me. ;p

He’s a Chocolate Labrador… he’s called Izzy after Izzy Stradlin! ;p I love Collie’s; they’re soo cute! I had a little collie cross called Harry (well, Harriet, but we named her before we realised she was a girl). ;p

I couldn’t imagine not having animals in my life. I’ve got so many. Haha!

Yeah! i usually take it as a compliment whenever someone calls me that! I mean going by their idea of “normal” i most definitely don’t want to be “normal”!

Oh, Ron and Hermione! I love those two! My OTP is Lily/James. I just love those two together. 

Yeah, it’s the worst, and even though people keep saying “he had a long amazing life’ you just can’t stop yourself from thinking "he should have had longer”

But I had my little pup to get me through it.

And I’ll bear that in mind! :D