Through the Door 

All Luna wanted to do was go to California for the summer with her friends. What happens when a gunmen comes into a gas station they where at? What happens when she wakes up in darkness? Will she let a handsome man lead her into her wildest dreams? What happens when they reach the next door? Will he stay behind or continue with the girl he has grown quite fond of? Keep reading Through the Door to find out

Chapter one will me posted if this gets ten notes (i need to know people will read it)

Ten songs to wake up your inner hero [listen]

i. abraham’s daughter - arcade fire ii. help i’m alive - metric iii. bones - ms mr iv. breath of life - florence + the machine v. let it burn - red vi. my songs know what you did in the dark - fall out boy vii. run boy run - woodkid viii. tiptoe - imagine dragons ix. world without end - brand x music x. seven nation army - the glitch mob