anduin and wrathion


With all this dark stuff happening in WoW and to the Alliance, it felt needed for lil balance of a mending and festive moment.❤️ This goes all the way back to one early december morning of a sudden Eureka!

”Omg What IF.. Wrathion felt it was in his place to cheer up Anduin this specific Winter’s Veil and bombards Right with questions about typical human customs with little understanding of the symbolic gestures of things and sets off to EK in a surprise face with a new enemy, the decoration lights”!
So heartwarming to make Jaina laugh..Kalec prob held himself on guard and sober through the nerdy mood of boardgames and few..icy glares

/So many dialogue options I left Bubbles out! Leaving it to the imagination:D

Wranduin commission piece \o/

My patrons and just friends are like sharks.. They’re surrounding me and narrowing the circle, the only way to survive amongst them is to become one of them © Replace “being sharks” with “belonging to WoW fandom”, and you’ll probably understand how I feel recently. x’D I don’t mind getting introduced to WoW, but where to even start.. Each buddy tells something about the characters/lore in their own manner. x’D Well, at least I hope I managed to capture the relationship between these two. \;w;/