This is how I made my canvas wraps:
The first two pictures are the originals. One of my first paintings with Paper 53 done mostly with my fingers. They are simple but I like the colours very much.

I cut them in 3 pieces. I used Keynote to do that.

Then I mixed them together and they looked so full of life that I decided they should go in some nice space. My friend just got a beautiful house and I surprised him with the pictures.

I found a printing company and sent the pictures to them. They did it for me - not as good as Jay would have but they did a good job. The canvas is very nice quality. I chose the smaller panels, smaller then 2" and it looks just perfect on that wall.

That’s how easy it is. What makes this painting interesting is the colours and that it is in 4 pieces from two different pictures mixed together.

I hope I explained it ok Pipemma. ❤️ Maybe it creates some excitement for others to surprise their friends…
Love: anducika