True story bout my uncle and his pit

I was at his house cutting grass, it was hot so once I got to the back yard
I stripped down to finish in my tighty whities. Well he came home from work
in a furious mood. Uncle Donny is a big husky muscular former marine, mans
man. Mid 30s Strong jaw line, high n tight buzz cut, tatted up from ass to
elbow, the hottest man I’ve seen on this planet. He hollered for me to get
in the house now. He’s the type man when he says do something you do it, so
naturally I hopped to it lol So I go into his bedroom he’s just glaring at
me. I said well what did I do now ? He ordered me to take off his work
boots so I obey, he stands, up unbuckles his pants so I turn to leave the
room, even tho I wanted to stay and watch him undress. All of a sudden he
slams me on the bed and jumps on top of me. He said did I say I was done
with you yet? Feeling all 250lbs of muscle pressing down on me, I say no
sir… He said I know you been lookin at me when your Aunts not
watching… You want this cock don’t ya boy? Don’t ya? Say? I said no sir!
Don’t lie to me… Well yes sir.

He stands up and I go to flip over on my back as he shakes off his
wranglers. Reaches down in his fruit of the loom tighty whities and pulls
out the biggest uncut cock I’ve ever seen. Slaps me in the face with it. I
go to suck it and he pushes me back on the bed, flips be over on my chest
and jumps back on top of me. Grabs my wrists and tie them up to the head
board with his belt then eases his cock in my tight ass. No lube, no spit,
just sweat and precum. It hurt for a little while but eased off as his
pumps of faster and stronger. The door cracked open… He stopped and I was
scared to death that my aunt came home early but it was just Diesel the
dog. A large red rose gater mouth pit bull, so he just kept on going. Lord
I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’ve jacked off for years to Uncle
Donny. Diesel started lickin Donny’s foot so I knocked him off. He came
back and started lickin my foot, I was like damn will this dog go
away. Then goes an starts licking Uncle Donny’s ass, that must have done
the trick cause he starts cummin and cummin and cummin some more. So he
pulls out looks down at Diesel and says you ready boy? I was like what the
hell where are y'all goin? Diesel hops up on the bed all excited and shit,
Uncle Donny is playing around with him. Diesel starts sniffing my ass, I’m
still tied to the head board, he started lapping up my Uncles cum dripping
out my ass hole. I’m squirmin around trying to get him away Uncle Donny
says stop he wants some too, I was like wait what? So Uncle Donny starts
playing around with Diesels cock then he jump up and starts to hump. I’m
wiggling around and trying to kick him off, Donny slaps the back of my
head, STOP! This is gonna happen! He guides Diesels cock toward my ass
hole, a couple jabs and he finds it and goes to town humping and
thrusting. Still trying to fight it as Diesel is already deep in my ass and
his cock starts to grow. Uncle Donny said you can’t stop it now he’s
already hooked mite as well hang on and enjoy the ride. So I start calming
down and notice my cock is still rock hard in my ripped up tighty
whities. So I just let go and focus on the pleasure, after a couple of
minutes it’s feelin real good. Then Diesel stops his furious thrusts as
squirt after squirt of doggy cum pumps my insides full. After about 10
minutes of cumming Diesel cock shrinks small enough to slip out of my ass
hole. Cum is flowing out my ass like a fountain, Uncle Donny grabs a butt
plug out of his nightstand and slips it in my ass as he jacks my cock to
completion, I’ve never came so much in my life. He told me to keep that
plug in so maybe I can make his and Diesels pup lol and told me I was a
good boy and asked if I wanted to be his side baby. I said why hell yeah!
Then he reached under the bed and pulled out a diaper, he said good baby
boys wear diapers. Hell after all I’d been through fuck it mite as well. So
I agreed and so untied me rippedy tighty whites the rest of the way off
then lifted my but up and slid the diaper under me…