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Hello fellow tmnt fanblog! I love the storyboard animatics things you are posting: may I ask where you found them? :D

Oh, hi!!

This is actually funny because I was about to message you to thank you for following me! haha looks like you beat me to it :P

Those storyboard animatics come as bonus features on the TMNT 2012 TV series DVDs. You can also get them on iTunes, which is where I got them.

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They have Volume one, which is the first half of season one, Volume two, which is the second half of season one, and Volume 3 which is presumably the first half of season two, which, is in progress. This is cool because if you buy the Volume 3 season pass, you get each new episode and bonus feature as they come out! Logo free! In HD!

I feel like a big advertisement sorry not sorry

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Each Volume is $30 so it’s a bit pricey, but for me, it’s worth it. The bonus features include other fun goodies too like special Channel 6 news reports. There are many more that I plan to make gifs of, so stay tuned!

Too long; didn’t read:

They are bonus features that come when you buy the series on DVD or on iTunes.

Thanks again!

TMNT "Trick or Treat Tussle" Review


BAM! Today I’ll do a quick fun review on the new TMNT “Trick or Treat Tussle” game. Cuz’ why not?


First off, Check out ‘dem costumes~!

Mikey is Spongebob, Leo is Captain Ryan, Don is… still not sure on this one.. A Shakespearean Actor.. or.. just art itself? April is a ninja turtle, and Raph is a fairy princess.



They’ll blend right in.

They’re not even using bags, they’re making April hold all the candy in her arms lol


The game looks like this:

You start as a random character (either LDRM or April) in either the street map (above). or in a random forest (below).

(There is also a city-graveyard map too, it looks just like the city one, but has a fun little graveyard at the bottom.)

You ‘best use them arrow keys to move, because you can’t stop walking. If you hit the walls or an enemy, you die.

Every so often, you’ll see a pair of eyes under one of the manhole-covers (always a good sign).

Walk into it, and a friend joins you! Yayyyy!

Eventually, you’ll encounter random enemies such as:

disco-clown Foot soldiers

devilish Mousers

and.. Angel Cowboy Kraang Droids?? (Is that a reference I’m not getting?)

The game automatically attacks these enemies for you.

After you attack an enemy, it will either drop muta-candy, or a Mutagen canister.

The goal is to collect as many pieces of Mutagen infected candy as you can, without dying.

Each character has an attack.

Leo shoots lasers, Mikey throws Krabby Patties, Donnie shoots music notes, April punches with a huge-ass fist and Raph.. he sparkles.


Makin’ my way downtown..

Ah, an explanation. It was probably the only costume left.

At least he owns it! BAM

Donnie is looking especially dandy.

Hahhhh, I can totally hear Donnie saying this.


Splinter makes an appearance! And look, he even carved a jack o’lantern!

How fun!

I bet he used a katana and carved it in like 2 seconds flat.

Can we talk about that manhole IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING WOODS?!

They’re standing there like “lol wtf guys check it out”.

Collect 10 candies = Medium level unlocked

Collect 25 candies = Hard level unlocked.

As you get to higher levels, enemies get different costumes sometimes.

After you defeat enough enemies with a certain character, the character will turn SUPER. (All this means is that the colors change).

But.. You’ll just have to play it and see!

Overall, I love the 8-bit style, the music, and the gameplay. It is fun, and not too hard.

On a scale from 1 to Pizza, this gets a High 3!


Thanks for reading this. Have a nice day!

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I really appreciate the safe for work thing. Personally, if something's NSFW, I don't want to see it myself. In addition, my younger brother watches TMNT with me, so I like that i can send him posts from here and not worry if he says to himself, "That was great; let's see what else this tumblr has." So thanks for that.

You’re welcome! I’m really happy to hear that!

With that in mind, I’ll make sure to be extra careful with what I reblog haha :)