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Ara, I wish I had followers that shipped me with Hoseok the way they ship you with Kyungsoo. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Oh you don’t know what you are talking about… I’ve been crying since the moment this ship “sailed” the messages are so touching, my heart can’t handle.
AndThenThere’sTheSlightPossibilityHeMightSeeItAndIStartCryingMore, Ara~

so you've watched (and, i hope, fallen in love with) the bbc’s wonderful miniseries in the flesh. want to know some more about it?

this is a really long post so if you’d rather not see it, press j :)


help get a third series (we still don’t know whether we will or not)

in the flesh has been cancelled by the bbc. however, this is not necessarily the end - all of the non-struck-out methods for #saveintheflesh listed below would still greatly help #renewintheflesh, we’ve just got a different hashtag now!

  • take part in the #saveintheflesh campaign with social media sundays (morehere)
  • sign this petition
  • buy it - on dvd, on itunes, wherever, as long as it’s legal
  • watch it legally - ie on tv etc! (in the case of in the flesh being rerun on the bbc and you not being from the uk, download this extension to be able to watch shows on the bbc iplayer; this way your views will be counted)
  • send the bbc a message about how much you love the show (info about this)
  • check out this post for more ideas


  • about the cancellation and what we can do about it
  • sign this petition to get itf picked up by amazon
  • sign this petition to get itf picked up by netflix
  • complain (politely!) to the bbc
  • tweet, tweet, tweet!
  • chat to netflix customer support people to tell them about itf

more about the show

  • imdb
  • wikipedia
  • official bbc page
  • wikia
  • full cast and crew. literally everyone

follow the cast and crew on twitter/instagram/tumblr

  • luke newberry (instagram) (kieren)
  • emily grace bevan (amy)
  • harriet cains (instagram) (jem)
  • emmett j scanlan (instagram) (simon)
  • kevin sutton (gary)
  • marie critchley (sue)
  • steve cooper (steve)
  • wunmi mosaku (maxine)
  • sacha dhawan (amir)
  • stephen thompson (philip)
  • gerard thompson (dean)
  • bryan parry (freddie)
  • linzey cocker (instagram) (hayley)
  • gillian waugh (pearl)
  • dominic mitchell (writer/creator)
  • jim o'hanlon (director, s2e1 + s2e2)
  • damon thomas (director, s2e3 + s2e4)
  • alice troughton (director, s2e5 + s2e6)
  • bbc three (tumblr) (the tv channel it airs on in the uk)
  • bbc america (tumblr) (the tv channel it airs on in the usa)

articles (hover for brief summary/description)

  • pre-/during s1 - x x x
  • between s1 + s2 - x x x x x
  • after/during s2 - x x x x x x x x x x

interviews (v = video)

pre-/during s1

  • emilydominiclukedavid + what is in the flesh? - v
  • luke + what in the flesh is, why people like zombies - v
  • luke + series 1 - audio
  • dominic + series 2, in the flesh as battlestar galactica
  • harriet - v
  • luke + quick q&a with bbc america
  • dominic + ‘everything from 'the walking dead,’ to stephen king, to neurogenesis’ (bbc america)
  • emily + corneal abrasions (bbc america)
  • dominic + religion, authority, kieren and rick
  • dominic + inspiration, origins of ideas, general
  • luke + thoughts on kieren after episode 1
  • luke + what appealed to him about the role, weirdest thing he’d done for the show, weird dreams
  • luke + in the flesh creates its own genre

between s1 + s2

  • dominic + unanswered questions - v
  • davidlukeemily + would you hide away or reveal yourself? - v
  • lukeharrietdavid + what if a relative/friend had pds? - v
  • luke + kieren, simon, new directors, reactions - v
  • dominic + simon, room for another series - v
  • dominic + series 2 - v
  • luke + how it felt to be nominated for a bafta, in the flesh’s success, series 2, the axing of bbc three x x - v
  • dominic + the bafta, series 2
  • dominic + series 2 x x x
  • dominicjonny (director, s1) talk about writing/production process - v
  • luke + kieren in s2
  • emmett + in the flesh, the fall and hollyoaks
  • emily + amy in s2, the popularity of zombies, the thick of it

after/during s2

  • luke + series 3? - v
  • luke + in the flesh in general and how it relates to anti-bullying - v
  • dominic + series 2
  • dominic + s2, amy as the first risen
  • luke + general, a bit about himself
  • emily + would she and amy get on, the appeal of the show
  • emily + e6, amy’s death, simon, what else she’s doing
  • harriet + jem, ptsd, fan response
  • emily + how her view of amy’s changed, fan response
  • luke, wunmi + kieren’s relationships with other characters in s2, maxine as a political figure, dominic’s writing
  • emmett + what he’s up to post-itf, his experiences on the show

some (not all by far!) blogs dedicated to in the flesh

amydyersgreatblueyonder / amydyes / andthentheres-you / blackandwhiteintheflesh / cutiekieren / damnrotters / extremist-grandpa-monroe / gifintheflesh / godblessthehvf / harriet-cains / incorrectinthefleshquotes / intheflesh-art / in-the-flesh-bbc/ inthefleshconfessions / in-the-fleshdom / inthefleshfanart / inthefleshgifs / inthefleshnetwork / ivefoundthefirstrisen / kerienwalker / kierenintheflesh / kieren-monroe / kierenmonro / kierennewberry / kierennwalkerr / kierensboyfriend / kierenwaiker / kierenwithflowercrown / myfleshandtears / parksandrotters / redeemed-from-the-earth / ren-walker / rotters-are-monsters / rottersmonsters / sassykierenwalker / saveintheflesh / stuckinroarton / thatdidnthappen-obviously / thefirst-risen / therenwhisperer / theundeadsiren / undeadinroarton / undead-liberation-army 

merchandise (non-official - get on it, bbc - but all awesome)

~this is by no means an exhaustive catalog and i encourage you to check the in the flesh tag on all the sites listed below and more, because new stuff is added all the time and i have probably missed loads of stuff as it is~

  • redbubble
  • society six - x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • etsy - x x x x x x x

behind the scenes

  • the scripts
  • radio interview with luke newberry before series one aired
  • holy moly visited roarton (video)
  • where is roarton in real life?; more locations here
  • background about pds, neurotriptyline and halperin and weston
  • pictures from the s1 set
  • pictures from the s2 set
  • dom mitchell talking about how in the flesh came to be
  • how much can pds sufferers physically feel? (also click on the link in the post for a pds leaflet and other graphic design-y things)
  • cool little coincidence
  • luke newberry talks about playing kieren
  • make up processes
  • simon judd talks about bringing series 2 to life
  • nadia stacey talks about her experience as lead make up artist
  • a bbc writersroom masterclass on in the flesh by dominic mitchell and jonny campbell (video)
  • nadia stacey talks about make-up and prosthetics (video)
  • luke newberry talks about his make-up (audio)
  • an estimation of the layout of the walkers’ house
  • look through the photos tweeted by cast and crew (see section above) for lots of on-set selfies


  • kieren’s
  • amy’s - first and second
  • simon’s

official bbc promos, adverts and trailers

  • s1 trailers x x x
  • undead survival guide 1 2 3 (pre-s1)
  • s2 trailers x x x
  • 'sponsored by victus' 1 2 3 (pre-/during s2)


  • heard of keaton henson?
  • the songs featured in the show
  • proof of kieren’s bi/pansexuality
  • kieren’s 'last diary entry’ before he left the treatment centre
  • unofficial facebook page
  • fanfiction - ao3 ///
  • 8tracks
  • screencaps - s1: e1 e2 e3 //// s2: e1 e2 e3 e4 e5 e6
  • results of a fan survey by redeemed-from-the-earth
  • in the flesh winning the 2014 bafta for best miniseries
  • animated pixels x x x
  • icon packs (please do what the creators ask in terms of crediting them!) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • timeline
  • a really cool fan video with why people want to #saveintheflesh
  • a really great masterpost with lots of links, especially for where to watch the show, by theundeadsiren​
  • a masterpost of all interviews related to in the flesh, also by theundeadsiren​
  • more social media links
  • special mention must go to inthefleshdomblog (run by the truly lovely people who run sherlockology, a massive 'sherlock’ blog/webiste which has always been super supportive of #savintheflesh)

credit and things

  • huge, huge thanks to redeemed-from-the-earth, yupkieren, theundeadsiren and probably loads of other people through whom i found loads of links - go check out their blogs and/or masterposts!
  • here is the source of the photo i used in the header
  • i intend to update this post as more stuff appears, so you may (or may not) want to check the original every so often because sometimes the edits made don’t appear on all versions of the post
  • if i’ve missed anything (highly likely), please feel free to let me know and i’ll edit accordingly :)
  • this post was last updated on 28th 31st october 9th 18th 20th november 5th 7th december 2014 21st feb 8th march 30th april 30th august 1st september 2015

So I finally reached my goal!!!! The next hundred!!!!! I´m still a loser, but I´m a loser with a few followers, so it seems like it´s time for my first follow forever. After all, the people I follow are amazing. So here is the best of the best:

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Hi everybody!!! I finally made my second follow forever. I reached 2,000 followers in a while but I never had time to do it so here I am to thank you all for making my dashboard a lovely place with all your amazing posts that make me smile every time ✨ (and yes, I read all the tags!!!) You’re all fab and I love you <3 Also, I noticed that a lot of you have changed URLs so if I missed someone I’m really sorry ;;


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dvrthvder  asked:

Yes hello I was combing the In The Flesh tag and I saw your post and I was wondering if you could rec me some good In The Flesh blogs? Thanks!

Yes, of course! There are so, so many new ITF blogs right now, they’re sort of springing up like mushrooms, haha.

Here’s a list of people that post a lot of ITF (I don’t think there are many blogs exclusively dedicated to one show, most people are slightly multifandom and/or humor/personal. But they’re all really cool people, you won’t regret following them!):

Basically, these are all my favourite ITF blogs in one huge big list.
Favourite favourites in bold though! ^-^

andthentheres-you blueoblivi0n creepy-nightingale 

dieriseshine flowerykieren gay-rotter

ghoulies-and-ghosties hallowsimon hollowsimon

hufflepuff-kieren iloveyoukierenwalker im-okay-here

in-the-fleshdom intheffingflesh jumpersandbows

k1erenwalker kierenwvlks kierenwallkur

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kieren-wxlker kiernewberry letsgorabbid

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moregeousbdffs nekotarin rottersmonsters

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pds-bdffs pumpkinspicekieren pumpkinsimonroe 

punk-kieren-walker purr-and-meow queerenwalkerr

r-abidfangirl reanimatedprince ren-walker

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it’s about time i finally made one of these so here we go i’ve been more productive today than i’ve ever been in my fifteen years on this planet so far hello (i don’t know where to begin with this omg) firstly: i recently hit a goal i’d been shriving to get, for which i owe a massive thank you to each and everyone of my followers, you’re all amazing and i love you all so much thank you! secondly: i have a funny feeling that i’m going to miss someone out, i’m sorry in advance if that’s you, my memory is awful and you’ve maybe had a url change since the last time i saw you (ily anyway thank you for following me!) ♥️

and finally: i’ve come such a long way since i began this blog nearly two years ago, i’ve met so many amazing people and i’ve had a wonderful time being part of this website! my experience would not have been the same without all of you guys so thank you all so much for filling my dash with your beautiful posts, i hope you all have a fantastic summer! (okay evie, get on with it)

irl friends: neve, abbi + kira 

+ blogroll (in case i miss you out)

everyone else:

# - j

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Alright so I recently hit 101 followers which is pretty rad and a lot of people have been doing Follow Forevers so yeah I guess I’ll do one of those?? (Mutuals are bolded)


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ok so here’s a list of in the flesh blogs or blogs that post a lot of itf for you newbies who want some cute undead on your dash;





























































~these are only the people i follow, feel free to add yourself if you’re not on here~

so i reached the 1000+ follower milestone and i couldn’t be happier. thank you guys so much! i thought i’d do a cheeky little follow forever to celebrate. this is a compilation of people i’ve talked to, admired from afar, or just felt like including in this list. everyone here is amazing and contribute to making my dash a wonderful place. they’re definitely worth checking out! (◡‿◡✿)

also check out my blogroll for even more incredible people

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