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Programming Announcement: TFLP Pays Up

So remember back in April, when the Rangers were unstoppable, the Devils were laughable, and the Kings had just tripped and fallen into the playoffs face-first? That was when I made my playoff bracket.

It was wrong. By a lot. I lost my playoff pool. By a lot.

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I don’t want to talk about it.

But I have to, because unfortunately, as Brian Boyle knows, when you make a bet, you have to pay up.

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I bet a week of Texts From Last Period posts about the team of the winner’s choice, and andthenextday, possibly through nefarious means involving a Delorean, a police public call box, or a phone booth, won the prize. She requested a week of posts about the Los Angeles Kings hugging each other and having terrible, magnificent facial hair.

What’s the upshot of this? For the next week, TFLP will be the LA Kings Show. The submissions sitting in my queue will have to wait a little bit longer. Sorry, dudes and dudettes who’ve submitted! I promise I will get to them eventually! On the bright side, because I made the bet during the season, when I was posting twice a day, there will be twice as many posts as usual! Huzzah!

If a week of Kings isn’t for you, Tumblr Savior “andthenextday is a time-traveling terminator,” and I’ll see you again in a week. Everyone else, don’t adjust your monitors; everything’s about to get black and white.

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