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“Sir? If you’re interested we have a few free samples you could try.”Honestly she was just worried about the stern look he was giving some of the display cakes. She felt if he glared at them any longer they would rot from fear on the spot.

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love Joey! This is a great picture :]

THANKS! He’s such a cutie (and so talented) and I’m really excited to see how next year goes for him especially.

He’s one of my favorites from this year other than Nestrasil–he’s such a clean player too and while I like a good fight and rough-housing like any other hockey fan, I really respect the ones that don’t throw people around, too.

Plus the whole team generally seems to be a bunch of really great guys.

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▲ and I will sit over here and watch you from my corner instead because wow what a great Silver and mun :|

Oh my gosh, really?! It’s funny because I was too scared to talk to you as well. Yamato is one of my favorite characters and you’re such a lovely mun!

Feel free to talk to me anytime and I plan on traveling to that fandom after I finish watching the anime and playing the game more. I really, really look up to you.