((Going back through my headcanon tag, there are quite a few I wrote on his physical attributes. As for his coloring specifically, at least in literary terms, I view him as having ‘silver’ hair, not unlike Yamato’s (though the shade is a bit different). Despite having 'silver’ hair and red eyes, I don’t quite see him as an albino, due to the implication of physical debilitation that comes with the term, such as eyesight problems or greater susceptibility to skin conditions. He doesn’t have those. In fact, I don’t see him as having the same color skin throughout every lifetime. His hair and eyes, however, are always the same. This is because it’s an effect of the Mark of Cain, of God’s curse. It was put in place to add another layer of separation between Cain and normal people, as another means of isolation, as well as to imply that killing him would bring about retribution sevenfold.

Though do remember, these are all just my personal interpretations, but I felt like giving some input on the matter.))