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What is Petstuck?

There’s variations of it. two big ones I’ve seen. The main concept is the same: Trolls are pets for humans, and the stories genuinely deal with personage and rights of the trolls, or caretaking on the part of humans, or both.

Browse the petstuck tag and you’ll see two AUs with the same name- one is a bit more sexual in nature with more animalistic trolls- mainly those that line up with their zodiac creature. (For example, Tavros is a centaur-like creature with a bull’s body.)

The one that Loophole aligns with follows the UFUT model- that they’re not too different from humans, other than canonical features. Sometimes they’re drawn with features like European or Scandinavian trolls, with paw-like feet and tufted tails (I draw mine this way.) Sometimes they have hooves as well. (I’ve seen Equius and Aradia drawn like that.)

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More than half the time anyone says anything about the peeves, you respond in a douchey way. So no, I could care less what the fuck you call me. You disgust me, and you don't deserve to be an admin anywhere, let alone on this blog.

Oh no someone on the internet is being a douche!!!!!This is something that I just cannot let go!!!

Gasp!!!! :OOOOO

Aww, does it hurt your feelings?

What you say doesn’t matter. It has never mattered. It will never matter. At the end of your bitching I’m still going to be here, and you will have wasted your time and made yourself look like a whiny bitch.

Way 2 go here’s your best blogger award

-The Batman


I searched “seahorse cackling” and this was the first result.

new headcannon for chad laughing

andsuddenlyhomestuck replied to your post: basically if you criticize people for wanting…

wanting attention is never a bad thing, especially when an individual is in a foul mood. they may just want someone to talk to them, to comfort them. since when was there anything wrong with that, yknow?

yeah exactly 

i know for a fact people on here just don’t want to talk about their personal problems because they’ll catch that ‘just looking for attention’ bullshit and feel like they can’t freely vent and talk about how they feel

it’s just bullshit