Som do Dia: Talking Heads - And She Was

#NowPlaying #TalkingHeads #LittleCreatures #AndSheWas “… Rising up above the earth Moving into the universe Drifting this way and that Not touching ground at all Up above the yard She was glad about it… no doubt about it She isn’t sure where she’s gone No time to think about what to tell them No time to think about what she’s done And she was And she was looking at herself And things were looking like a movie She had a pleasant elevation She’s moving out in all directions Joining the world of missing persons (and she was) Missing enough to feel alright (and she was)”

its-a-fucking-drag asked:

ASJSKDSFH :D ive been good.. how have u been?! And nothings been goin on, i live the most boring life ever -__-

Ooooo gurrl don’t get me started…My life is boring -_- nobody has like been acting like they wanna talk to me or even hang out D: On Monday night my phone did what it loves to do, SHUT OFF AND NEVER TURN BACK ON *dun dun* on Tuesday I couldn’t go get it fixed because I WAS DOING MY STEP-DAD’S HOMEWORK -_________- It was horrible D: today I finaly took it to go get fixed at like 5. Yup. He had SO MUCH DAMN HOMEWORK I didn’t even wanna go near another computer >:/