Day of perfection

Alex, Victoria, and Justin picked up Jason and I to go to GMall and sang and danced to “Call me maybe”…I have no shame.  Then we got to the mall to eat and waited for Lenny.  He came and we went out to MHS to pick up Andie and then Joy Cups.  After we went to a empty parking lot to drive.  We all fucked up and scared the shit out of Justin…except for Andie .-.  After that we went to Golfland and did nothing then went to Andie’s to get shit and then went swimming…apparently I’m the master of peer pressure…muahaha xDD.   Then dried and went to In N’ Out.  Ultimate venting LOLOL over there XDDD.  Then went to food trucks at MHS.  I almost pissed my pants and it took 10 mins to get to a restroom. I was dying XDD. Then picked up the girls and dropped them off…..we dodged so many fucking cops o-o.  Then went home.  I took THE shit of glory.  Then biked with Jason.  I almost got ran over HAHA.  SOO YEAHHHHHH. Good day.  Good ass day.  Next time!  We go to SF and a beach >:D