Boredom hits hard sometimes… Other times its frustration… Today’s flavor is indiscriminate RAGE #andscreaming

twentyonephilots asked:

Answer this with five things that make you happy, and then when you're done send this to the last ten people who reblogged from you. Have a good day :)

1. Being in France
2. Cute new shoes
3. Making new friends
4. Good food
5. Dogs
Okay I’m eating breakfast so I’m just gonna write their names maybe they’ll see this

It’s an unhealthy obsession I know.
I see his face where-ever I go,
on this guy over here,
in that smile over there,
and it stabs me in my heart,
twists around, a few time for good measure
and there’s little I can do. To protect myself.

An unhealthy obsession. I know.
His frown over there, his laugh right here,
and as I smile and frown andscream in my head,
I think, ‘Did you even notice me? Because
I noticed YOU, painfully, joyfully, tearing my heart and mind
apart, away, and tattered. Did you know I was there?’
And I’m afraid of the answer.
To feel like a fool, whatever he may say.
Your smile made my day, crushed my heart, scrambled my mind
as I tried and tried to understand, accept, and let go.
But I never could.

It’s an unhealthy obsession I know.
And even-though I know I’ll never see you again,
I still imagine a day
with you.

—  infatuations and obsession, crushing obviously, quietly and madly.