Road To Fame: Behind The Lens


Meet Photographer Anthony Anderson, better known as Ayo Andrsn. From his epic photography to his music-filled ‘behind the scenes’ videos, Anderson always leaves us wondering who or what he will shoot next.

W2F: First of all, we love your work. Tell us how you got started in photography?

Ayo: Well thank you very much. I think my mom got me my first Olympus and it got stolen! Shortly after I got a Nikon d80 just for fun and from there I took it one step at a time.

W2F: You have had the privilege of working with some respective names in the music industry including Lupe Fiasco and Producers Cool and Dre. What was that like?

Ayo: It has been unreal. The music industry for me goes farther than just the artist. In this case working with Cool & Dre was awesome. Everyone wonders how some celebs live their lives and seeing Dre really into politics was interesting to see. Lupe is one of my favorite artist. I almost thought it was fake.

W2F: Who was the first celebrity you ever shot? Were you star struck?

Ayo: First celeb ever shot was… hmm damn you got me there. I’m going to have to say DMX. I don’t think I was star struck. lol

W2F: We know you recently did a photo shoot with The Rejectz. Did you do the Cat Daddy?

Ayo: Haha. I did not do the cat daddy. I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself.

W2F: Do you prepare differently when you work with a celebrity? How does it differ from working with a model?

Ayo: I do prepare differently mainly because upon working with them there is a shot list or main image they are looking for. All the requirements are taken into account and the shot list is then planned out.

W2F: Tell us a memorable story about one of your photo shoots.

Ayo: Memorable story… hmm I think I have a video from it. I was assisting a friend. It was about 50 degrees early am on the beach. We shot a girl from North Carolina.We took my gear up on the rocks and bam the wind took my sock off my light and into the water. Right after that I dropped one of my lights into the sand. We also broke 2 of my friend’s lights. Not to forget to mention it was also freezing.

W2F: Who inspires you?

Ayo: Wow, this is a very tough question. I like to photograph people, but I also do automotive photography so it’s hard to narrow down. To be honest, a lot of local photographers inspire me. In the photo industry, it’s one thing to learn how an image was created. It’s another to learn how they reached their success. Seeing the progress from local photographers is what motivates me.

W2F: What would be your dream photo shoot?

Ayo: Dream photo shoot , I feel like you know this answer already…Kanye with some lions or something lol.

W2F: We know you also shoot for Vossen Wheels. What is your ultimate goal as a photographer?

Ayo: As a photographer I love to shoot, but I like to direct. Concepts and ideas are always in my head, but execution is the main key.

W2F: Would you rather photograph or film your subjects?

Ayo: I rather photograph my subjects. Creating an image can sometimes take more than one exposure, which means bringing multiple images into Photoshop to create the exact look you’re going for. Video not so much. lol

W2F: What can we expect from you this year? Any upcoming projects we should look out for?

Ayo: This year. Expect some shoots around the US and possibly even out of the country. I have a good connection with Lupe’s team, so locking in a shoot could be possible. As far as projects, look out for some images that I have been holding on to for a little bit. :)

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met up with nicole for a shoot. Luckily Tony Trmv woke up to come out and assist. He also grabbed my cam and did some behind the scenes footage. Thanks again for the help. Now watch nicole act a fool. lol

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