[BATTLE] Garurumon, Greymon & Kabuterimon vs. Andromon.

At a factory, the group freed a Digimon that was pinned down. Unfortunately, Andromon attacked the kids upon his release. Meanwhile, Koushiro worked on a code that could evolve Tentomon.

Some of the children and their partners were chased by Andromon. The machine Digimon blasted them with Spiral Sword. Taichi used a nearby crane to temporarily incapacitate the enemy.

When everyone reunited on the rooftop, Andromon unleashed Gatling Missile from its chest. Garurumon and Greymon destroyed the projectiles before fighting Andromon. Unfortunately, neither was a match for the perfect Digimon.

Tentomon told Koushiro to activate the evolution program again. Finally, Tentomon became Kabuterimon. Koushiro pinpointed a weakness in Andromon’s right leg, and Kabuterimon deployed Mega Blaster. A black gear emerged from Andromon’s leg, and the cyborg Digimon returned to normal.

From: Episode 5

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Full confession: I love Hikaris Tailmons symbol, I love how she is the most peaceful and genuine one . While Takeru and Mimi are also genuine. They are more free spirited while Hikari literally wants peace, she would always act on her emotions and calmness even in a badass way. Plus Tailmons went through darkness yet she couldn’t help but look fiercely at myotismon for just being wrong, the way Hikari stood up for andromon. Both are some badass characters and deserve more love and recognition            


More Digimon! God, i absolutely love doing these. They work as a great release from my normal, super-boring job, so i always just relax working on stuff like this. Anyways, here is the Lopmon-line (good/bad) and the Devimon line, which consists of like, every bad Digimon in the first season. Some bad dudes in that family. 

Ladydevimon, Andromon, Diaboromon, Monzaemon and Arukenimon are next

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okay, here is my interpretation of (some of) the epilogue kids, from left to right. the daugther of Izzi, she is great with computers, bettar than izzy, and she is actually a hacker. the son of Ken and Yolei, he is a punk a young criminal, i just find fun that the son of a police is a criminal. The son of Mimi, he is a layback guy. then is the kid of Sora and Matt, since the the kid was pretty genderless to me, i made it a girl, maybe she is a transgender girl. and she is the gogglehead of the group. and finally the son of Tai, he is the muclehead of the team. 

the partners are my atempt to fix the awfull thing they did, intead to Tentomon, that motimon evolve into Hagurumon (Guardromon>Andromon>HiAndromon), intead of Wormmon a Kunemon (Flymon >Okuwamon>GranKuwagamon) , Tanemon evolve into Betamon (Airdramon>Megadramon>Mugendramon), Pyocomon into Elecmon (Aegiomon>Aegiouchusmon;Jupitermon) and Koromon into Naemon (Gladimon>Knightmon>Craniummon)