andromeda c


Is video game voice acting something you want to pursue going forward?
Well yeah, I enjoyed this experience a lot. I want to be loyal to Lexi, obviously. I’ve been very lucky insofar as I’ve managed to cross mediums my entire career, like stage, and theatre, and film, and tv, and now, computer gaming. I would like to keep on doing all of them for a very long time. Not 275 years, but a long time.

I think this is the closest I’ll ever be to see how Aadya Ryder’d look like as a real person (portrait is based on a screenshot from MEA).
Anyway, this is my first “realistic” kinda portrait, please be nice. (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

  • (in the common room, giving Rabastan a quiz from a Teen Girl magazine he "borrowed" from Andromeda)
  • Rodolphus: Your best friend borrows your lip gloss...(dramatic gasp) without asking!
  • Rabastan: (dramatic gasp)
  • Rodolphus: What do you do? A. Find a new best friend, B. Push her down a flight of stairs, or C....
  • Andromeda: What!? It doesn't say that!
  • Rodolphus: Well yeah, but I think it should definitely be an option!
  • Rabastan: I pick B....Down the stairs she goes!