andromeda 50

Lexi: I can’t keep doing this! I’m not your mother!

Liam: Well…

Cora: You do exhibit rather motherly behavior, Lexi.

Ryder: Yeah, I mean we are millions of light years away from our real parents. So you’re kind of like our mom. Mom friend. Mom friend. Mom FRIEND! MOM FRIEND! 

Lexi: I’m not the mom friend. 

The whole crew (and Gil, Suvi, and Kallo over comms): MOM FRIEND! MOM FRIEND!

Lexi: SAM, why are you chanting??

SAM: I apologize, Dr. T’Perro. It is what the humans refer to as ‘catchy’.

2 May 1998: the battle of hogwarts

17 years ago today, people fought for freedom. 

17 years ago today, Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin died fighting for what they believed in: love and equality. 17 years ago today, Teddy Lupin became an orphan.

17 years ago today, Fred Weasley died fighting for family and joy. 17 years ago today, two became one and nine became eight.

17 years ago today, Colin Creevey and Lavender Brown fought for education and their friends. 17 years ago today, a boy lost his older brother and role model and two couples lost their child.

17 years ago today, Severus Snape died because he stayed loyal to the man who gave him a second chance. He died fighting for forgiveness. 

17 years ago today, 50 others died too. Leaving family and friends.  

Let us raise our wands in memory of all who fought bravely for what they believed in. They all fought for freedom and love, knowing that if they’d lose, they’d lose many friends and family. They didn’t want to live in a society were muggle-borns would be killed or had to go into hiding. They didn’t want to live in a society filled with darkness. They fought for light and goodness, because they knew that living without love isn’t living at all.

I finally got Andromeda for 50% OFF (eh, we’ll see) & am very disappointed that there’s no option to give my OC an aquiline nose.

Every one of my mains in an RPG has an aquiline nose. How dare Bioware WASP them out.


The Science of the Local Group

“So cheer up! Not only has our Local Group, as isolated as it may be, given rise to such a magnificent variety of elements, stars, planets and organic combinations that our existence is possible, but it’s given us a Universe so grand and spectacular that just from our location — as isolated and remote as it is — we can perceive the entire Universe exactly as it is.

We can learn exactly where we came from, where-and-what we are and where we’re headed. And that’s something truly remarkable, indeed.”

We could have been a single, isolated galaxy hanging out all by our lonesome in the void: but we aren’t. We could have been part of a large, rich cluster of galaxies, where the Milky Way was just one of many thousands like us: but we aren’t. Instead, it’s us, Andromeda, and about 50 other, much smaller neighbors, and no one else. Here’s how all that fits into the cosmic picture of everything we know.