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Name: Andromeda Sidero
Nicknames: the Wildfire (various), Tweedledumb (Clara), Darling (Marguerite)
Sexuality: Homosexual
Race: Alien (from B612)
Occupations: guardian to Aurum (formerly) and Clara (currently), servant of Marguerite (formerly), leader of one of B612’s armies
Status: Alive
Relatives: None (that i’ve created thus far)
A song for him: WILDFIRE!!, VocaCircus & CrusherP
Andromeda is industrious and sociable, and can be a bit dorky at times. He lives in Clara’s castle, and has been living there since Marguerite passed on, and the throne went to her daughter. He doesn’t like her very much, but has to tolerate her. He loved Marguerite to the moon and back, and respected her every decision, even when he had to be around to take care of the ‘defect’, Aurum, and help him with his anxieties, reading problems, etc. He lived with his parents as a child, and lost them in a house fire. Townspeople and others know him as The Wildfire, as he conquered lands by burning crops, homes, etc.

La rencontre en Voie Lactée et Andromède a t'elle déjà commencé ?

Il se pourrait bien que nos deux galaxies soient déjà en contact léger.

yseungx asked:

" The Fault in Our Stars is actually about the Andromeda Constellation. "

     ❝Androm– I’m sorry, I honestly have no idea what that even means❞, the young male let out a rather awkward laughter, a hand curving along the lines of his neck. He sure did know what The Fault in Our Stars was, since it was actually one of his favorite movies, but the other part of the sentence made no sense in his head.

Androméda (2000-2005), 3. évad

Androméda (2000-2005), 3. évad

Az első évad egy nagyon szép nyitánya volt a sorozatnak, a második pedig tovább emelte a színvonalat, ám a szezon közepén távozott Robert Hewitt Wolfe magával vitte ezt a színvonalat, ami ugyan kitartott a második évad végéig, de a harmadikra már nem jutott belőle, ez pedig igencsak meglátszik.


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