hope everyone’s new years went great! hope everyone will stay wholesome this year. make 2018 YOUR year! drew android 18, inspired by a dank new year’s eve meme I saw floating around on FB ahah~

my lovely tumblr friends, I’ve been gone way too long from here. :( I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t been doing the best job at balancing work, life and sharing stuff online. I’ve actually hard a hard time even answering your inbox and messages. to be honest I was kinda in hiding because I have fallen WAY behind with my commissions, to the point I may have to close them temporarily while I finish settling my life.

anyways, so the reason I was hiding my shame from tumblr is… well I’ve been living in montreal in september, and things are absolutely fantastic and a little scary, moved into an empty apartment so furnishing it has been a slow, but rewarding task. also, the job I got to be able to live here isn’t turning out to be so great. honestly, I used to be able to come home to do art (always done that), because i’ve been (mostly) happy with the full-time jobs I’ve held so far. but this one is such a mental toll, I’ve spent most days passing out after arriving. so now I got job hunting to do and yall know how that can be. 

and when I’m not doing that I’m out getting to know the city. you also gotta remember I’m a wee tropical baby from a small third world country most people can’t pin-point on a map. coming from that to a city with concerts and shows and all sorts of cool shit going on is a massive change. so now I gotta learn how to balance all these things. I wish my days were longerrr :(

I want to apologize again for being so distant from tumblr. I hopefully will be back to share more cool stuff. I’ll sadly have to close commissions again, and I’ll go through my (absolutely way fallen behind) backlog. I hate, I really hate disappointing people like that, especially those of you who are lovely enough to want me to do art for you. :( I don’t know how to apologize.


I. Am. Crying.

This song about Piccolo is just…. I just…

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