LG G Watch R review

In the space of a few months, Android Wear watch designs have gone from the utilitarian LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live to the thoughtfully designed Moto 360 and now the LG G Watch R. Even for the rapidly moving world of personal electronics, the improvements between these devices and the pace at which they’re being introduced are quite extraordinary. It’s an evolution of the smart mobile device happening at revolutionary speed.

The Moto 360 smartwatch gets a steampunk makeover

The magic of 3D printing has enabled author and contributing editor of Android Central to turn his Moto 360 smartwatch into a pocket watch. Holly details the steps he took to modify the popular Android Wear wearable in a recent post on Android Central. The end result is a modern-day twist on a classic, steampunk fashion accessory. 

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The Kairos T-band

A new contender in the smart watch arena has appeared, this time offering an alternative take on design. Kairos has opted to offer a product where the display interface comes as part of the watch strap rather then in place of the clock, though models mechanical or touch sensitive clocks are available in their line of products.

The most obvious plus to this is of course being able to maintain the charms of classical watch design. The smart part of the device however isn’t lacking, with it offering many of the functions one would expect of a device of its kind (calls, texts, Bluetooth, push notifications, video playback, photo taking/viewing, some games) and will be compatible with android, iOS and Microsoft phones via it’s own Kairos OS.

The tech required to make it is already available, and funding has gone well so far but its remains to be seen if the Kairos team can bring all the great ideas together and pull it off.

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