Hey guys, does anybody have any tips on repairing my phone? I accidentally dropped my phone in water while I was washing my hands yesterday, but I immediately dried it right after and it was all dry and good and worked fine the rest of the day. Then when I unplugged it this morning it stopped working? Said the battery wasn’t charged even if it was plugged in all night and it was fine until it was unplugged??? 

Sun #ChooseBetter Plan shows practical ways to use your mobile connectivity to the max

Sun #ChooseBetter Plan shows practical ways to use your mobile connectivity to the max

Undeniably, Sun has been the pioneer when it comes to unli calls and texts services enjoyed by millions of mobile subscribers even way back in the early 2000s. Giant telco players Smart and Globe, adapted this scheme and made this unli calls and texts as added value to their plans.


This 2015,Sun revamped the unli calls and texts…

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我們的日常生活緊張又繁忙,大部時間都會選擇快餐店的食物作為正餐,但這些的營養價值和每天最高攝取量又是幾多呢? 《8700》就為大家提供了相關的資訊,它內置了近三千種快餐食物,如漢堡包、炸雞、炸薯條和咖啡等資料,讓大家更了解自己所選擇的食物! 1.提供了各種快餐食物的資訊 2.了解食物的營養價值和每天最高攝取量 3.內置了近三千種快餐食物資訊 5

Office Worker Revenge 3D

攻城模式的對戰遊戲,相信大家都玩得夠多了,但大多離不開是山林綠野,城堡爭霸,只有少部份的遊戲背景設定是別出心裁,令人眼前一亮,而這款名為《Office Worker Revenge 3D》的陣地戰手機遊戲,一定會令玩家會心微笑。

不論是白領或是藍領的上班族,或多或少都在工作之中遇上受氣之事,而《Office Worker Revenge 3D》正好可以讓你大為發洩。《Office Worker Revenge 3D》的背景設定為多層的寫字樓辦公室,而玩家是其中一名受欺壓的員工,現在就要拿起武進行反擊,在畫面的左下方有一個「方向控制器」,右下方則是「攻擊鍵」,然後把那些壞人同事逐一擊倒,最後就是眾多房間之中找出終極壞老闆,進行清理。 《Office Worker Revenge 3D》內有多個關卡供玩家挑戰,玩家除了攻擊之外,也需注意自已的血量,而且,為了提升武器及自身的能力,也請好好利用金幣為自己改造,想要一渲工作上不滿事的朋友,也下載玩玩吧! 1.3D立體畫面 2.另類的攻城模式 3.玩法簡單


Fuzel Collage

Fuzel Collage是一款以拼圖為主的應用程式,以往的apps都有提供拼圖的功能,但大多都是規限性的,不是幾格拼合就是兩、三張的把照片拼合一起,了無新意。Fuzel Collage打破了傳統的框框,照片的拚合效果完全由用家決定,首先點選相片,然後根據個人的喜好與角度,自由地把劃定分界線,而線的厚度、相片外框也可自由調整。除此之外,可為相片加入各種效果,如瀘鏡、貼紙及文字,完成品可直接上傳到社交網站與眾分享。




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Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos S5302 Features

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Review Samsung galaxy pocket duos s5302 is another dual Sim version product of Samsung mobile which is an ideal phone for someone who is just starting to be using a smartphone and the Samsung galaxy pocket duos s5302 came to the market with an Android Operating System v2.3 gingerbread.

Anyone good with Android/Google phone problems????

So I’ve not used my M8 since upgrading to the M9 in April. I have decided to sell it so switched it on again last night and all was fine - so I performed a reset to wipe my data off before selling it to a family member.

Upon turning it back on, I have both these errors:
- Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped.
- Unfortunately, the process has stopped.

I cannot add a Google account to the phone or use any Google apps whatsoever.

I’ve tried clearing all cache on Google apps, disabling and re-enabling Google Play Services and also resetting preferences on all apps. I have no other apps than stock apps downloaded, as I have literally done nothing but boot the phone up. I’ve even tried to boot it as a back up of my current phone and still no luck!

I’ve done a further 2 system resets and a hard reset - and still nothing.

Anyone any further solutions? This is driving me insane. It was fully fine before a resetting all data..

The OnePlus 2 - What We Know So Far

The OnePlus 2 - What We Know So Far - @oneplustech #OnePlus2

One of the most anticipated Android phone releases of 2015 will be the OnePlus 2, the follow up to the highly successful OnePlus One from the Chinese manufacture OnePlus.  There have been a huge number of leaks, rumors and guesses as to what the OnePlus 2 will look like, it’s price, what it will have powering it and when it will actually be released. The challenge of course is separating the…

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Doors&Rooms 2

《Doors&Rooms 2》是一套以密室逃脫為主題的遊戲,玩家以第一身的視覺參與其中,增加了不少現場感,遊戲有多個關卡挑戰,隨著劇情的推進,玩家將要面對更大的困難,但只要動動腦筋加細心觀察,配合不同的道具幫助,要勝出遊戲一點都不難。近年以密室為主題的遊戲,可謂大行其道,但要一大班朋友夾好時間,再預約一間密室玩逃脫場,可是一點都不易,但下載《Doors&Rooms 2》後,隨時都可以玩了。