when you need a charger

android/samsung user to another android/samsung user:

person1: hey can i borrow your android charger

person2: sure 

iphone user to another iphone user:

person1: hey do you have a charger for the iphone appleOS.75 Platinum edition mkIII.0 2010?

person2: aw no my iphone is  a iphone appleOS.75 Platinum edition mkIII.0 2010 .5

person1: alright i’ll ask someone else

Am i the one who always has to initiate everything ? When my friend tells me “ Oh, you did not text me yesterday” , i just say oh ya sorry… But really i’m just thinking like,  you did not text me either. Its always like that, i alweays get the blame for something i did not do… ok i get it, but you did not do it either so don’t criticize me. I just so tired of it all…