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First concept for my new phone game, similar to traffic jam the player will have to uncoil the full length of the snake while reaching the mouse and avoiding the obstacles. The player will be able to move the obstacles with the least amount of moves resulting in the best score.

I have a schedule set and work has begun, in 2 weeks this game will be complete and may be uploaded on Android.

*literally screaming right now*
Soryu got voiced in Voltage new game “LOVE スクランブル” (LOVE scramble)!!!!!!! CV by Hiroki Yasumoto (The seiyuu of Germany in Hetalia). You can hear the sample of his voice for free. Ehh, his voice reminds me a lot of Scorpio’s ~♪(⌒∇⌒)ノand much deeper compared to Eisuke’s.
This game is currently only available in Japanese store so you need to have an account in Japan region to download it (I use IOS so I’m not sure with Android). Might try to upload the sample.

Hey guys! I’m teaming up with @Talnts to do a Modeling Contest! Super easy to enter, the more you post over the next few weeks, the more you’re entered to win! See the Prizes below and how to enter!
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1. Download TALNTS for iOS or Android
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Tasks must be completed by 12PM (PST) March 28th
Good luck all! 😃👍
(Talnts App is now available for iOS and Android) by jojo_babie instagram://user?username=jojo_babie

My Fallout 4 Main Story Theory

Ok, so let’s stick with the theory that Vault 111 is an advanced android upload station designed as an experiment to see. When I say advanced I mean this particular model is made with some organic tissue to allow for life to be transferred into it. (This would also explain why radiation still affects the PC). All of the residents are plugged up to a mainframe that transfers them into their android counterpart. Some technical difficulty ensues and your character is the only one that powers up 200 years later. After discovering this your character decides to find a way to fix the mainframe to save their family as well as all of the others. Your character leaves 111 and runs into the Minutemen and their leader, Preston Garvey, agrees to give you information and power armor in exchange for helping them fend off the raiders/deathclaw. Afterwards, Preston tells you about the Institute and promises your character if anyone in the Wasteland could help with tech it would be them. Your character then travels to the Institute to get aid to fix the Vault. After arriving your character is not allowed access into the Institute unless they help them with the tasks. Later you find out the Institute and BoS are at war. Automatically you assume that the Institute people are the good guys because they’ve agreed to help you and the BoS just seem like greedy warmongers. But, later down the line, you find out that the Institute just wants you to give them the location and access to Vault 111 so they can get their hands on Vault-tech’s advanced version of androids. (This would, in essence, give the Institute leaders a way of mass producing an immortal army of human-android hybrids.) (Also, Vault 111 has a security system that only allows residents and Vault-tech employees access in this theory.) They promise they will save your family but you have to let the other resident’s androids become the property of the Institute. This is when you can decide to fight alongside the BoS against the Institute because they offer their help in restoring Vault 111 and letting the rest of the residents including your family to be “powered up”. In the end, no matter who you side with you end up getting killed in Vault 111 by the BoS or the Institute people who are there to help you. BoS believes the technology of 111 is too powerful to control and so they seek to destroy it. The Institute just wants all of the androids including your family’s and your’s.

The WSG helped me rough out this theory and refine it. This was the end result. If you would like some feedback on your own Fo4 theories or predictions leave them an ask or submit to their blog here-> wasteland-support-group !!!