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STUDY MONDAY #6: Surviving School with a Sleep Disorder

The majority of autistic people have a sleep disorder, and a lot of otherwise neurodivergent people have sleep issues as well. Functioning with a sleep disorder is difficult by default, but it’s even worse when you have a strict school/college/uni schedule to follow. And often it feels like nothing helps and everything is terrible. I know, I’ve had sleep problems all my life (delayed sleep phase disorder).

However it *is* possible to find solutions and live better. It may take a lot of time and effort, but in most cases there’s at least something that helps. Here are my tips for dealing with sleep issues. Keep in mind that you will probably need to combine some or all of these to get a good result, and that it might not work from day one. Just be stubborn and try it anyway: eventually something might work.

1. Keep a stable sleep schedule

That means going to bed at the same time every day, and waking up at the same time every day. It might be tempting to sleep more or stay up late on weekends, but don’t do it. It confuses your internal clocks and makes it more difficult to wake up on weekdays. If you’re a teenager, you should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep a day. If you’re an adult, as little as 6 hours might be enough, depending on the person.

2. Get rid of sources of discomfort

Sometimes the littlest of things can disrupt your sleep or keep you awake: too much light or noise, uncomfortable mattress, not enough fresh air in your room, and so on. Fix those problems first. Remember that it will be easier to fall asleep if the room is cool, not warm, and you have a lot of blankets (cool temperature calms you, and pressure helps you sleep). Use a weighted blanket, earplugs, sleeping mask, memory foam mattress/pillow, window blinds, etc as needed. It might sound trivial but believe me, it makes a difference.

3. Pay attention to what you eat and drink

It’s blatantly obvious that caffeine makes it harder to fall sleep, however it doesn’t mean you have to stop using it altogether. Just remember a simple formula: caffeine takes around six hours to leave your body, so don’t eat or drink anything that contains it six hours before bed. That includes tea and dark chocolate! You can switch to herbal teas instead (personally I love mint tea).

It is also a good idea to not eat anything an hour before bed, or if you can’t, pick foods that are easy to digest. Complex carbs like pasta, bread, fruits and vegetables aren’t a good choice. Neither is anything with fiber. Proteins and simple sugars take less time to be digested. Examples: milk, yogurt, eggs, peanut butter, fruit juice, cheese.

4. Reduce exposure to blue light

Blue light that comes from device screens can disrupt melatonin production and make it harder to fall asleep. For some people the effect is fairly small, for some it’s pretty big. You can get apps for reducing blue light emission, like Twilight for android, or even change it through settings. If you can’t, just don’t use electronic devices to read/watch anything an hour before going to bed. Read a paper book, or listen to an audiobook/podcast, or just use the time to relax.

5. Use medication

Medication has side-effects and has to be prescribed by doctors, so it should be the last thing you try. However there is no shame in needing meds. I rely on my sleep meds, experience no side-effects and a whole lot of benefits. You just need to be careful with it.

Which meds will work for you depends on why you have problems with sleep. If it’s because of anxiety, anti-anxiety meds can help. If you have a delayed sleep phase or a non-24 sleep cycle, melatonin might be the best option. Sometimes vitamin or mineral deficiencies cause sleep problems, which can also be fixed. Sometimes sleep supplements are enough and you don’t need any prescription meds. As long as you will find a good specialist, you should be able to find a solution.

And that’s all the tips I have! At least these are the ones that (in my experience) work. Hope it helps, and if you have your own advice for dealing with sleep problems, be sure to share them in replies!

The Schizoid Man - 2.6

Reader Brandon Z. sent us this recommendation with the following details: “It has Data with a beard, a blonde chick with rather sensible clothes (for STNG), a female Vulcan doctor (=less Pulaski), and a pretty good plot involving sexual repression and transferring of consciousness.”


But this is how it starts:


You know what though? I’m gonna give one thing to her in this shot: that face looks fresh. to. death. (Late 80s-style, but still.) Pulaski always wears the minidress-ish uniform, which is fine. Fine. THIS IS FINE. MOVING ON.

Data calls Troi and Geordi into his quarters to check something out. This is their reaction.

Uhhhhh…sure, buddy. Sure

This is what they are reacting to:

Deal with it

Obviously the only explanation for this is that Data wants to be Riker.

The main plot of this episode is that the Enterprise receives a distress call from a planet, and an away team goes to check it out. Medical assistance is requested, but instead of Pulaski, Dr. Selar goes. Who is Dr. Selar, you ask?


Why, it’s just Suzie Plakson, AKA K'Ehleyr, AKA Worf’s Baby Mama, AKA Queen of Jumpsuits. Except right now? She’s a hot Vulcan doctor, because it is impossible for her not to be hot. 


You are working that haircut that belongs on a 1950s Dennis the Menace type character SO HARD and I am NOT MAD AT IT. Also: blush level is HIGH today, I repeat HIGH.

The person who made the distress call was this lady, Kareen:

I like a sensible wrap vest to pull a look together

Kareen and her boss, Dr. Ira Graves, Respected Scientist, live in seclusion on this planet. Kareen is wearing a lovely ensemble in burnt oranges and rusty mandarins that by all rights should look terrible on her (she looks like more of a Summer to me than an Autumn), but look quite lovely, actually. 

She works for this guy:

Hello. I’m a diiiiiiiiick

This guy, a “respected scientist” literally says, like a minute after he’s introduced, “Women aren’t people. They’re women." 


Still a dick

Oh, you thought you could make that look good with some bronze accents? SORRY, IT DIDN’T WORK. AND YOU’RE STILL A DICK. AND THEN YOU DIED.

He did die, in the show.

Basically what happens then is that Dr. Dick transfers his consciousness into Data’s body, and everyone is like "Data, you are trippppinnnnnn.” Then Kareen changes into this outfit:

Are they pants or a skirt? DOES IT MATTER?

Once again, she is rocking those Autumn colors. Maybe I was wrong. Are you an Autumn, Kareen?


Okay, maybe you’re not an Autumn. That caca brown is doing you no favors. However: get that thing in a nice berry like Deanna’s wearing or a deep teal and we can talk.

Photoshop level: expert

See? Much better.

Can we get Naomi Watts? She’s still in Australia? Okay

This was just a really nice shot of her good hair. Since Dr. Dick is now living in Data’s body and also since Dr. Dick was apparently pining for his hot young assistant, Dr. Dick in Data’s body tries to get with her (grosssssss) and convince her to live forever with him in an android body. Like Twilight, but not.

She says no.


Dr. Dick lives in Data for a little while longer, while his real body chills in a space coffin. But then they get Dr. Dick out of Data and he goes into the ship’s computer. Obviously.

This was a weird episode with not much in the clothing department, but just for good measure:

Isn’t that so much nicer? 

this comic has only been updated four times in the last two years so i don’t think it should come as a surprise to hear that i’m ending it

maretropolis was going to be very, very big. too big. in hindsight it was far too ambitious for a fancomic, especially when i draw so slowly. most of these updates have taken 10-20 hours to draw, and the story would’ve needed at least like 70 updates to tell, so it probably would’ve taken me at least a year of hard work to get this comic done, and instead i chose to spend that year working on super lesbian horse rpg. i don’t regret my decision

some vague elements that were going to go into maretropolis are being retooled, both consciously and unconsciously, for my new game, andromi. it is a sci-fi game, after all, and a lot of the concepts that were going into maretropolis were less pony and more general sci-fi. because i know people are curious, here are some of the other things i had planned:

  • there was going to be a space elevator connecting to the moon. luna would’ve had a capital city on the moon. i would’ve found an excuse to make the cast go there
  • there was going to be some storyline with scootaloo, unsurprisingly
  • if you haven’t seen the concept art, spike was going to be a robot dog
  • rainbow dash’s prosthetics were adapted from the LD-0.307 prototype pegasus android developed by twilight. over the course of the series, twilight would be seen continuing to upgrade the robot until its completion at the climax of the series. at an unveiling ceremony in cloudsdale, twilight would activate the robot and reveal that she’s named after her fuel source: lightning dust
  • rainbow dash would’ve spent a lot of time being sad and sleeping on pinkie pie’s couch
  • rainbow dash would’ve fallen in love with pinkie pie

but none of that is going to happen now. i don’t have any regrets, though. i’m proud of what i managed to accomplish with maretropolis, even if it isn’t much. it was an important part of my artistic growth and a stepping stone towards me making bigger, better, more original things. anyway, thanks to all 2400 of you who were interested in the story! it’s been fun