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Oh btw.
I love underlust sans.
I think he is so pretty and I want to draw more of him.
Unfortunately I let my sister borrow my Android tablet so she could read a book for one of her classes. So I’ll have to make do with traditional. Maybe I’ll do some stuff with my markers idk.

Any wayyyyyy…
Lusty belongs to @nsfwshamecave

Brushes & Mini Tutorial

@fishevi asked which brushed I used and apparently my answer was too long  for tumblr asks so I decided to make it into a normal post. hehe I didn’t want to just list the brushes by name since I didn’t feel like that would be especially helpful in and of itself, so I made a sort of mini tutorial to explain how I use them too. :D

For starters all the brushes I use are from Medibang Paint(either preinstalled or from the cloud). They have some fantastic synthetic paint which I love and I can do hi res work form my android tablet which is even better. 

Rough Pencil

I usually start off all my drawings with the rough pencil brush set to med/low opacity.This one is a cloud brush so you’ll have to download it. I love this brush though.

G Pen

I use the G Pen for almost all my line art.Partially because it helps me get something more stylistically close to the Sugimori style for my fusions but also because it looks good in high and lo-res work. :)

Bucket, Watercolor, & Watercolor(hard)

This is the method I use in pretty much all of my fusions. I start a new layer for each color(one for the body, one for the gas cloud, one for the mouth, etc) and then I fill in the base color with the bucket tool. When it’s set to canvas it will only fill in the area blocked in by the lines or other colors. It goes so much faster when you do it this way as apposed to blocking off each section.I also set it to expand 2 so it fills in close to the line art so there aren’t any tiny gaps.

Once the base colors are filled in I set each layer to Protect Alpha(so I stay in the lines) and I add the darker and lighter colors with one of the two water color brushes. I start with a higher opacity setting(usually 80-ish %) and as I blend it in more I use a lower opacity settings. I typically use the hard watercolor brush unless I want a very soft effect.

The watercolor(hard) may be a cloud brush.


So this is how I do most of my painting. I block in the colors on separate layers and block in the shading roughly with the acrylic brush. I like starting with this because it’s set to not blend with the surrounding colors so I can cleanly lay down my colors.This is also a cloud brush.

Flat Brush

I love this brush mixed with the acrylic. I use this brush primarily to blend. It blends colors beautifully. However it can be a little tricky to control since it bleeds in whatever color the brush touches, so it’s easy to smear the wrong color in.

Those are all the brushes I typically use. I have splatter brushes and a few others I use for special effects, but it’s usually just these few. I hope that wasn’t too overwhelming and was some what helpful for @fishevi and you guys. ^-^’

The Streets Of New York City? Yeah, they run Doom.

LinkNYC is a project by the city of New York to replace beaten-up old payphones with an ad-supported public wi-fi kiosk with USB ports for charging your phone and an Android tablet for accessing maps, city and emergency services, as well as free domestic phone calls and internet access.

So, naturally, Jason Scott loaded up the Internet Archive’s HTML5 port of DOSbox in the web browser and ran Doom Shareware on it, because when you see something new and shiny, the obvious response is “HOW CAN I MAKE THIS LOAD E1M1″.

Not that I’m complaining, mind…

Thanks to @hellomrkearns​ for submitting this!


Karı ve koca bir akşam yemeklerini bitirdikten sonra, yorgun argın oturma odasına geçerler.
Kadın ilkokul öğretmenidir. Öğrencilerine verdiği ‘ne olmak istersiniz’ başlıklı kompozisyon ödevini notlandırmak için masaya geçer. Kocası da eline cep telefonunu alıp, koltuğuna yerleşir. Nihayet yorgun bir günün ardından dinlenebilecektir.
Kadın, tüm kompozisyonları notlandırıp işinin bittiğini düşünürken, kenarda kalmış bir ödevin gözünden kaçtığını fark eder ve not vermek için okumaya başlar. Kağıtta yazansa şudur:
‘Benim dileğim, akıllı bir telefona dönüşmektir. Dileğim bu çünkü annem ve babam telefonlarını gerçekten çok seviyorlar.
Annem ve babam sadece telefonlarına dikkat gösterirler, hatta bazen de beni unuttukları olur.
Annem ve babam işten yorgun döndüklerinde, vakitlerini telefonlarıyla geçirirler, benle değil. Önemli bir işle meşgul olsalar dahi, eğer telefonları çalarsa, anında yanıt verirler. Ama aynısını benim için yapmazlar, ağlasam bile…
Annem ve babam cep telefonlarında oyun oynarlar, benimle değil. Telefonda konuşurken, heyecanla yanlarına gidip bir şey paylaşmak istesem, hemen beni susturup, yanlarından gönderirler.
Bu yüzden cep telefonu olmaktır, dileğim. Çünkü belki de ancak o zaman beni telefonları kadar severler.’
Kadın göz yaşları içerisinde kompozisyonu okur. Kocası sorunun ne olduğunu sorar, kadın ödevi kocasına verir. Adam hızlıca okuduktan sonra hangi mutsuz öğrencisinin bu kompozisyonu yazdığını sorar.
Ancak ondan sonra kadın, bu “fazladan” ödevin nereden çıktığını anlar. Çünkü o fark etmeden araya konmuştur.
“Kompozisyonu yazan öğrencilerimden biri değil” diye cevap verir kadın. “Onu yazan oğlumuzmuş”.


In which Miyuki meets a (not so intelligent) android.

New MiyuSawa pain I’m in the process of writing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) When I say pain, I mean pain. Android AU is one of my favs because I love robots and sci-fi. The previous devil angel AU for MiyuSawa wasn’t very good so I want to write a better one this time. Quality post.


Hey folks!  For those of you Android owners who are interested in playing around with some animation, I made a tutorial on YouTube on the basics of the RoughAnimator app.  If you’re interested, go check it out and tell me what you think!  Thanks!

anonymous asked:

okay I've heard the "doom can run on a microwave" joke before but I'm genuinely curious, is there any footage of doom running in one of those internet fridges, while talking about home appliances?

I’ve yet to see any. Which is crazy, when you consider how many of these smart appliances are basically just an Android tablet stapled to a fridge!

It’s like my white whale, except instead of a angry cetacean with a giggle-inducing name it’s a freezer with a videogame attached.