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Plant identity app

So I’m a bit late to the party but there’s an app called “pl@ntnet” on Android that scans the photo of the leaf, flower or stem of a plant you take a photo of and gives you a list of matches. This app has been incredible for me to identify wild plants for use in magic! It doesn’t always work the best but hey! It’s a handy tool!

The best way I use it is once the plant has been identified take the Latin name or common name associated with it and Google search “…magic uses” I’ve found so many wild plants that help with my craft by doing this!

Hope it helps some of you too!

Blessed be everyone x


Owari no Seraph iPhone Backgrounds! - (640 x 1136)


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↳Brooke Maddox

“Don’t tell me… you want to go ahead with Corruption.”
“We started being called Double Black after we wrecked an entire enemy organization overnight, after all. But, if I’m late to support you, you’ll die. I’ll leave the decision up to you.
‘I’ll leave the decision up to you,’ you say? Whenever you say that, I never actually have another choice.

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