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Since I have to use *shudder* traditional media for a week, I decided to try making a Flowey. I would clean this up and stuff but I also don’t have a scanner for a week so

(If anyone knows a good Android app for photo editing right on your phone please send me one. This is alright but I could use some brightness adjustments)

  • forest (android) / focusnow (ios)
    these are really famous in the community and it’s probably because they’re so great. not only do they prevent you from checking your phone constantly while studying, they also serve as a pomodoro timer + you plant cute little plants for every session! if you do check your phone you get guilt tripped because your plant dies, so you probably won’t do it

  • coffitivity (android) / (ios)
    if you like background noise while you’re studying this app is great because it recreates the ambient sounds of a coffee shop, which research says that boosts your creativity!

  • rainy (android)
    another background sounds app but this one lets you mix from a lot of different sounds to find the combination that relaxes you the most!

  • memrise (android) / (ios)
    my fave language learning app so far! you have a lot of different courses to pick from, it lets you set a daily goal, earn badges for your achievements + pick between different types of review sessions

  • fabulous (android)
    this app is one of my favorites. it’s a great “coaching” app to help you “ increase your energy, feel vibrant health, lose weight + sleep better by instilling healthy habits and routines in your life” (i couldn’t have explained it better than the playstore description). you can choose from different long term goals such as feeling more energized or sleeping better, it will suggest new habits + help you stick to them!

  • water drink reminder (android) / waterlogged (ios)
    i suck at drinking water so this app has helped me a lot reach my daily water goals! i don’t know about the ios option i linked, but the android app is really effective for me + it’s the best one i’ve tried

  • vsco (android) / (ios)
    my fave photo editing app so far, i use it on my instagram (shameless self promotion oops) + i love all the options it has!

  • elevate (android) / (ios)
    this is a brain training app that helps you improve cognitive skills such as focus or processing speed with cool games + a personalized training progam to get the best results! improving these skills is proven to boost your productivity, confidence and so on

i hope you find any of these apps useful because they’ve been really helpful to me! 

- sofi xx


So I know that there was once a wish for an ao3 app ad I think I found a close (but not official) catch. It’s called the unofficial reader for ao3 by Sergei Pekar. The reviews are pretty good and it’s free (there’s a subscription option though but I think that’s for keeping the app running but it’s optional)


Owari no Seraph iPhone Backgrounds! - (640 x 1136)

Kings and Family

Made with Photo Grid (Android)


I didn’t find jungle’s picture, and I already posted this when I found out they actually have one, so sorry for those who love jungle!

Plant identity app

So I’m a bit late to the party but there’s an app called “pl@ntnet” on Android that scans the photo of the leaf, flower or stem of a plant you take a photo of and gives you a list of matches. This app has been incredible for me to identify wild plants for use in magic! It doesn’t always work the best but hey! It’s a handy tool!

The best way I use it is once the plant has been identified take the Latin name or common name associated with it and Google search “…magic uses” I’ve found so many wild plants that help with my craft by doing this!

Hope it helps some of you too!

Blessed be everyone x