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The Perfect Shot

Part One

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Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: mentions of death

Summary: Jughead and the reader have hated each other for years, but are forced to work together when Betty recruits the reader for The Blue and Gold

It was not supposed to end like this: tied up in an abandoned building, dust stinging my eyes and something most definitely crawling up my leg. Wait, what’s that I see flushing itself down the toilet? Oh yeah, that would be my hopes and dreams for the future. Pretty sure they don’t accept corpses to college. A scholarship is no good to my dead ass. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to them. I knew Jughead Jones would do nothing but get me into trouble.

I guess I’ll start with the day it all changed; the day Betty Cooper approached me in the park.

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I opened all of these, but there's no hope of finishing them all today, so let's make a list:

Caged Humanity

An AU where werewolves are given humans as pets called Companions, and a very begrudging Stiles is taken in by Derek Hale, much to both their displeasure. And then pleasure. Very, very sexual pleasure. - AU: werewolves are known, Dub-Con, Light BDSM, Chaptered complete, (12/12), wordcount: 55k, Rating: E

Specialized Technical Intelligence and Logistics for Earth and Space (S.T.I.L.E.S.)

“What the hell kind of a name is Stiles?” he asked.

“You know, a series of sounds spoken in a particular sequence that represent my identity, primarily, referring to me?“ the AI – Stiles – answered cheekily, crossing his own arms in front of his chest, mirroring Derek’s position.

“Ooh, this one’s feisty,” Peter smirked. - AU: Sci-Fi, Chaptered wip, Wordcount: 9k, Rating: Not rated

Consort to the king

King Derek, alphas of alphas, ruler of the realms, lord of the city of Beacon Hills, has just asked newly discovered omega Stiles to be his consort and mate. And Stiles, being the lowly commoner that he is, has no choice but to say yes. Will the King’s past allow him to love again? Will Stiles ever escape the confines of his new mate’s possessive will? Can there be love once more in the castle? Or perhaps, yet again, another betrayal? - Chaptered wip, AU: medieval, AU: Omegaverse, Wordcount: 15k, Rating: E

No way out

Every big city has its share of organized crime. This city is no different, having a long-term association with the Hale family crime organization. The problem for this particular city, however, is that the crime has been getting steadily worse each year. In part due to Peter Hale’s leadership, which is ruthless and cunning, and in part because of his highly effective nephew Derek Hale who has taken on the mantle of his family upon his parents’ deaths.  - Chaptered complete (17/17), AU: Crime family, Cop!Stiles, Criminal!Derek, Wordcount: 121k, Rating: E

Thank you for breaking my heart

Even though Christmas was the fucking worst, Derek had a moment to hang his hopes on — Scott coming into the coffee shop and gracing him with his smile. Little did Derek know that rescuing Scott from hunters would lead to him convincing Scott’s family they were engaged. This might not have been such a problem if Scott’s step-brother Stiles wasn’t so suspicious and oddly charming. - Complete, AU: coffeeshop, Movie fusion - While you were sleeping, Wordcount: 14k, Rating: E

Hole new world

Stiles stared at the cock before him. Gazed, really, with heady admiration. Now this was a cock. A cock it was. Indeed, a cock was before him. (…) - Chaptered complete, AU: werewolves are known, Rating: E, Fanart included (very NSFW), Wordcount: 2k


Derek Hale is the photographer for the family-run magazine ‘NECKZ 'n THROATS’, a periodical aimed solely at the werewolf demographic. When the model for their monthly bails out, the staff are hard-pressed to find someone else to photograph at the last minute. (…) - Chaptered complete (12/12), AU: NECKZ 'n THROATS’, AU: College, Photographer!Derek, Wordcount: 53k, Rating: E