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PROTOCOL -- Android!AU (Ravus Nox Fleuret x Reader)

So after discussing it and asking her about it, @chocobro-hijinks allowed me to write for her Android!AU! :D Particular for Ravus’s part within it as the Aeternia Build combat android. It was super fun to write, and I’m super pleased with how it’s turning out! It got pretty lengthy though, so I actually was hoping to write more parts for this since most of this writing was exposition to introduce the relationship of RAV N0X and the reader character. So for now, I’m introducing their bond a bit more. Then in the future, I’ll probably write some more of those steamy bits. c; Because I have plans when working with this AU. *rubs hands evilly together*

Again, thank you for letting me write with this headcanon, Hijinks! Your headcanons are a blessing to the world…! QUQ

Also, tagging @di-fantastica and @itshaejinju. Because both heard that I was writing this up, and they wanted to read more of it. c:

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someone: This new apple feature is weird/useless/boring/overpriced

apple fan: Excuse me, apple is the best company on this planet. I know this because ive bought every iPhone since the iPhone 4G, and i also own 12 MacBooks. Youre just mad that youre poor and use a shitty ugly android, pleb

Seemingly unpopular opinion here but the androids look really weird, ugly, and… Extremely boring without their blindfolds on?? Like, they were designed to be seen without their eyes so it ruins the whole thing obviously but I really hate seeing them without it. Their eyelashes are weird. It’s too moe anime. A2, the operators, the commander, everyone else looks fine? But 2b and 9s look soooo bad. I guess their eyes look different so they’d be really visually striking? But its bad.

ok here’s the tea that y’all have been dying to hear someone explicitly say so you can feel morally superior: androids is ugly and you look poor.

there, i said it. now upgrade to an iphone so i don’t have to see your ugly ass green messages.

Why is the Meebo IM app on Android so old?

Ever since I posted this, people keep sending me messages complaining that the choice of Meebo IM is not fair, because its Android version has not been updated since Nov, 2009. I checked and it is indeed true.

I want to clear things up here. Honestly, I didn’t notice this when I picked Meebo IM. I never care about the release time when I pick apps. The reason I chose Meebo IM is that I have been using Meebo IM on iPhone and it is pretty good. Then I found it has very good reviews on Android too, so I downloaded it, unfortunately it was much worse than the iPhone version.

Well, the real question is, why the Android version is so old. Does it mean that Meebo gave up on Android? They shouldn’t do this if Android has “big market”, should they?