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Part One Part Two

I mean you can basicially tell what’s going on but here’s a bad written summary:

Victor is a famous actor btw (sorry I forgot to mention it before) 

When he saw Eros sitting in the cofe shop, he secretly tried to figure out what’s going on and suspected the thai guy (Phichit of course) to be the culprit but got unsure after the said guy came out as a fan and openly tried to talk to him together with Eros…or Yuuri as it seemed.
Phichit said that they were fans of him since they met 5 years ago what baffled Victor.

While Phichit talked and talked, Yuuri tried to prevent eyecontact with Victor the whole time and only looked down or away.
He tries to leave after a few minutes but Victor stops him outside.he thinks that the Android Eros is being controlled what Yuuri can’t deny because he wouldn’t know.

Yuuri gives up but seems rather depressed.Victor is surprised by the human reaction and decides to figure out what’s going on and who Yuuri is…

Note: I tried to prevent the sweatdrops on Yuuri so don’t take the last picture seriously

Blade Runner 2049 and women?

I’ve seen a whole lot of discussion about Blade Runner with the general idea that the movie portrays women in an objectifying way intentionally, as a commentary on sexism. And I think that might have some weight IF the female characters were…I dunno….written better? 

I think people want to compare Blade Runner 2049 to Fury Road or The Handmaid’s Tale, stories steeped in sexism ABOUT sexism. Stories that “mistreat” the female characters for the purpose of commenting on institutionalized misogyny. But like, those stories the female characters had arcs and fully explored personalities and motivations. 

Blade Runner 2049….doesn’t?

The female character we see the most of, and I think the character where any gender commentary falls apart is Joi. And yeah, like “house wife for purchase” isn’t a great place to start with. Still, we see her seem to be sentient, another form of artificial life like the replicants. She is brave and embraces K’s humanity. I liked her. 

And the question of how sentient she is is a compelling, the parallel with the question of replicant humanity is thought provoking,  and her character is interesting, but the revelation that she’s brave, and supportive, and loving only because of her programming, because that’s what K wants her to be; that massive, naked glowing hologram of her laughing and flirting with K after she “died,” revealing as nothing but a shallow doll, only mimicking humanity, says what?

What are we supposed to gain from Joi’s story, other than how K’s belief in her and K losing her impacts him emotionally? When K’s humanity, even as a replicant, is reinforced over and over and over again, while hers is utterly erased, says….what? 

And the whole movie is kind of like this. Stelline is locked up, totally isolated from the world. Why? Luv’s killer android babe trope is fun action, but does it build to a theme? Joshi, and Freysa, and Marinette all have potential, but their stories are too under-developed and disparate to build up to a coherent purpose. None of them seem to have a solid character arc to speak of.

So what is the purpose? Why the giant floating naked women holograms and the giant, beautiful naked women statues? Why the constant barrage of sexualized female images, but lack of actual female characters with stories? 

I think Blade Runner 2049 has a lot to say about humanity and memories and power. 

But does it have anything to say about gender? Or are the giant naked ladies just there for show? 


After Dark | Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 11 (x)

Have you guys ever had a really interesting or beautiful exchange with a fan?


Whomp wish I was around when Portal monsters was actually a thing haha….

Drew these guys a lil while ago and decided to finish them up for Halloween! 

I love me some monsters, and after seeing some old monster Wheatleys that @bonkalore drew a long time ago I was immediately inspired to monsterfy my Wheatley and he ended up as an insect droid of sorts, and then I did the same to my GLaDOS cause I couldn’t help myself. They were super fun to design and I wanna draw them more if it weren’t for the 50 billion other things I need to do….

Hope you enjoy! 


“New line of state of the art Android Girls now available for stunningly low prices starting at $1.0 billion. Introducing ‘Lindsey’ LYN-ZOID #718-818 with stunning breakthrough technology, order now for 1 free year of insurance coverage.”

Program your own Lyn-Zoid™ – requested by Ebonnie

Here is a list of apps that help me in my daily life, from productivity to fun, I hope you will find this useful!

P.S: they’re all free!

♡ Study, concentration, productivity:

> Brain Focus: Like the pomodoro method? This app is for you! Beautiful and simple, you can edit the timer settings (for longer/shorter study or break). See statistics and graphic and check on your studying routine 

> Forest: You can set a timer and it will plant a tree and block almost every other function on your phone. When the timer ends the tree is grown and you can cultivate your forest, but if you give up before the timer ends, the tree will die :(

> Sleep Better: Sets healthy sleep patterns based on your day (calm, stressful, phys. activities…)

> NeuroNation: Exercise your memory concentration, and logic thinking with these activities!

♡ Games that help while distract:

> 1010!: A new view on Tetris. Try to fit the block and create vertical/horizontal lines without filling all the screen

> Kami: Fold out coloured paper to fill the screen in as few moves as possible (first levels are free, then you have to buy)

> Flow: Connect the dots to fill the whole screen (many levels, you will not get bored!)

> Two Dots: By far my favourite, connect the dots to meet the goals. Pretty simple, adorable and addictive!

♡ Stress relief and health:

> Calm: Helps you meditate to achieve a better life. Has soothing sounds and landscapes. Great for exams week!

> Stop, Breathe and Think: Mental health is important too! This app does wonders for you well-being. Has many types of meditations like to improve gratitude, dealing with anxiety, kindness and much more!

> Hydro Coach: Input your daily habits and it will calculate how much water you need. It reminds you hourly and you can see graphics and achievements

> Clue: For the ladies! A simple menstrual calendar that tells you when your next menstruation, PMS and fertile period is. You can input your mood and symptoms for a more accurate forecast. ALSO! Has looots of information about symptoms, sex, STD’s and much more

That was all! Hope you guys enjoy it!


The other night I was messing around with some stickers and a few of my favorite pictures of Pearl and designed a wallpaper for my desktop. I really liked the simplicity and color scheme, so I made some matching/similar wallpaper for my phone!

I really like the way Pearl was drawn in the extended opening can you tell

These are the ones I liked the most from the batch so I decided to share them! Feel free to use any if you see one you like!! (like/rb if you do!!)