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“Unless I surpass myself who fears the past, I’ll just continue to run away.”

Well, here’s my little Tribute to Krillin and to Episode 76.
What an episode! I HAD to draw something.
In this drawing, Krillin’s pose has a lot of meaning: 
It’s Abhaya Mudra,“Gesture of fearlessness” in Buddhist symbolism.

To Conquer and defeat Fear is no easy task. 
Unlike Goku, who is always optimist and happy no matter the situation, Krillin has a lot of things he loves…people he may lose with death!
Thus, his rebirth as a warrior is an extremely emotional moment for me, and it’s absolutely satisfying. 
Now he’s up to him…Krillin may become a very strong warrior after all, for his heart and love is already this strong!

@chestnutisland Huzzah for Krillin! *wipes out tears of pride*, and Happy Belated Birthday, girl!

Just finished my first full play through of NieR: Automata this evening and wow… By far the most impressive and engaging story line I’ve had the pleasure of playing through in my 20 some years of gaming. I can’t even begin to put into words how exciting this title was for me… so instead I’ve painted up a sketch of one of my favourite characters in the game, A2! :)

Glory to mankind!