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We’re on to one of our O I L antagonist androids!

12 is by far the tallest individual in the cast, standing at a towering 8ft and a few inches. Because of this (combined with her rather aggressive attitude) she can be very intimidating just in presence alone. She likes to trash-talk people and values her fierce “reputation”, usually trying to ensure she looks good over others (even allies). 

I imagine if she had a voice actor she’d have some sort of noticeable British accent. 

Psychotic, Paranoid, Godly [a playlist]:

Track #1 - Lauren Aquilina - King
Track #2 - Halestorm - Mz. Hyde
Track #3 - The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows
Track #4 - Halestorm - Heathens (cover)
Track #5 - Matchbox 20 - Unwell
Track #6 - Gary Jules - Mad World
Track #7 - Placebo - Meds
Track #8 - Get Scared - Told Ya So
Track #9 - Three Days Grace - Scared
Track #10 - Green Day - Basket Case
Track #11 - Radiohead - Paranoid Android
Track #12 - Halsey - Control
Track #13 - Digital Daggers - The Devil Within
Track #14 - Imagine Dragons - Demons
Track #15 - Skillet - Monster


This Game Shows Us Exactly How You Treat The Notion of Gender

Toronto-based developer Bloom Digital released the second installment of episodic mobile game “LongStory” on iTunes and Android on Feb. 12. This LGBTQ-positive game is everything I could have asked for as a kid - that is, if smart phone technology to support such games was around when I was younger. (On second thought, let’s not go down that age-shame inducing rabbit hole.)

“LongStory” is a slick, dating/adventure game where the main character navigates their way through Weasel Heights High’s social landscape to solve the mystery disappearance of a fellow student, Em. What’s special about this game is that the player can exercise romantic choice during the course of play, including choosing a same-gender partner or no partner at all. A queer-friendly game on my cell phone? That’s huge.

Read more here, and check out longstorygame on tumblr!

alright, im seein new androids poppin up like flies and im SO FUCKIN EXCITED dont get me wrong but i need to….address some things bothering me like. i know its hella fun making fun of gero in crack, dont get me wrong, i love doing it too, but like….pls just leave it at crack, dont bring in these jokes into serious rps bc im legitimately trying to flesh this character out and its hard when hes reduced to a joke. and undestand that androids 13 and above are most likely stronger than androids 12 and below so like??? gero can still kick ur ass, he’s not….like, a punching bag, but!! if u wanna thread where some shit happens pls message me i’d love to plan it out!! just pls…have mercy on all the gero jokes, i know he’s awful, i really do, y'all know how much i love my shitty villain muses, just like, recognize when it’s time to be serious and the time to crack a joke because i honestly get exhausted with crack jokes sometimes and its….partially why i havent been logging on here lm a o anyways, time for a family reuinion ayo


For those that don’t know, Aika Yoshioka (the singer for majority of the Hakuouki themes) released her latest album just a few days ago titled “ことの葉の空へ” (Kotonoha no Sora e). It contains songs for the game’s Vita ports (ex: Zuisouroku and Reimeiroku), SSL, IOS & Android port, etc.


  • 01.桜の轍 (OP Theme for PS Vita port of the original game)
  • 02.星篝り (OP Theme for PS Vita port of Reimeiroku)
  • 03.星と真珠と夢と (ED Theme for PS Vita port of Zuisouroku)   
  • 04.風光る結晶 (OP Theme for PS Vita port of Zuisouroku)
  • 05.なりたい私に
  • 06.予感 (OP Theme for SSL ~Sweet school life~)
  • 07.水彩グラデーション (ED Theme for SSL ~Sweet school life~)
  • 08.蒼穹ノ旗 (ED Theme for the 2nd Movie)
  • 09.紅ノ絲 (ED Theme for the 1st Movie) 
  • 10.蒼き隼が如く(OP Theme for the spin-off title)
  • 11.白き誓い (OP Theme for the IOS & Android port)
  • 12.優しさの隣で (ED Theme for the IOS & Android port) 
  • 13.おかえり 

For those that love Hakuouki or need something new, it’s definitely worth checking because she’s really talented (✿´‿`). For some of her older songs, check both of her Aika’s Best albums. I’m not sure if this is on itunes internationally, but her older songs like Izayoi Namida & Maikaze are (at least for me in Canada)

So please support her! Also her newest song next month for the Shinkai game!!