Robotic Shield - Ink + photoshop

Finished commission for ThDark . A shot of his two currently(?) unnamed sci-fi characters.  If you aren’t familiar with his work be sure to swing by his tumblr page and check him out, this guy is great!

I am still open for commissions as well, so if you’re interested take a look at my commission info here. –> <–  I could definitely use the work as things have gotten a bit rough/uncertain in my world lately.  Thanks!


Lo que pasa cuando presentas a unos Apple Fanboys el iOS9 pero realmente es Android… :D


my androgynous robot child, straight from my high school memories….

ones on the right are my first attempts, the one on the left is a newer design with some outfit details worked out and cuter proportions. they’re a character in a story i’m working on rn and the art direction is still up in the air so i’m just trying to play around with different things.