A short clip of my Summer Solstice performance stolen from @stevienicksgf snapchat 😈

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At first, the freedom I had to wear whatever I could imagine was overwhelming. In fact, by realizing that I was non-binary, I also realized I didn’t need to fit within the social constructs upheld by the gender binary. All of sudden, my body became a canvas of expression. Much like the graphic artist that painted the wall behind me in these photos, I create something upon the surface of something else. I dress my body according to my vision, instead of what I think will be approved by society.

Living beyond gender norms makes for such a vibrant and colorful life. Sometimes things get a little rough, but in my opinion, my happiness is more important than everyone else’s approval. The only person I need approval from is myself. When I die, the last thing I want to think about is how I spent so much of my life fitting into someone else idea of what or who I should be.

Just some spontaneous thought for you. This outfit is probably one of my favorites, which means a lot because I have A LOT of different looks. The pants really make this whole outfit. High waisted, soft stretchy material with a flare! Yes, please! I live for them!

-Elliott Alexzander