Sometimes I want to reclaim the aesthetics of the boyhood that I was coerced into. In order not to wear gendered clothing during elementary and middle school, I would find unisex khaki shorts and T-shirts that would hide my body and gender. Every single day for over five years I would wear an outfit like this as a uniform. It was a testament to the constant delegitimization of my gender I was facing at the time. The aesthetic acted as a way for me to simultaneously avoid transmisogynistic targeting while instead redirect targeting for my androgyny. With every ask of “are you a boy or a girl?” I would take a step back and smile, anticipating the questioner would become aggressive when I simply answered, “No.” The uniforms were both a curse and a blessing as I navigated my identity for those years, as I tried to express myself true to who I was and who I am. Now, through being allowed to transition and dress how I want to, I sometimes wear similar outfits to when I was half my age. I’m queer and ready to take back my aesthetic for myself.