Happy #transformationtuesday! Regardless of my guise, I love me a good #bathroomselfie! Featuring the lovely @svanyc and @houseofyesnyc bathrooms here, with #artmodel on-the-go and #dragking looks (#glitterbeard by @spikeyvandykey_official)! #glamdrogyny #androgyny #queer #style #fashion #tbt #nevermetamirrorididntlike #selfie #nofilter #nyc #brooklyn #nycbathroomselfies #nonbinary #instadrag #performer

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Pretty Boy. 

Brand: FLAVNT Streetwear
Founders/Designers: Chris & Courtney Rhodes 
Model: Elliott Sailors
Photographer: Mark Elzey
Makeup/grooming: Alicia Marie Campbell


Just added something from each one of these outfits to my thrift store!

Also, a few more treasure box’s are now available! Grab them while you can, there is only one of each thing and I will only be doing 3-4 treasure box’s this next month!!!

-Elliott Alexzander


Elliott Alexzander, 23, She/He/They/Them

Non-Binary Model | Entrepreneur

Instagram | Facebook | GenderFlux | House of Alexzander

Over here on my side of the inter webs doing my best to make non-binary identities known, Including my own. My entrepreneurial endeavors, my fashion blogging or my local community, I try to create artistic &  positive awareness of non-binary identities. People Such as Jarrid Jones give me some much inspiration! Seeing them brings a smile to my face ❤ …

Photo Credit: Min Daejune

GenderFlux is a Start Up company I started a little less than 2 years ago. We started with a 3 part campaign of t-shirts featuring terminology such as Genderfluid, Genderqueer & Agender! We finished with a crowd funder where we raised almost $8k! While we get the final touches made on our first collection of clothing and set ourselves up with a manufacture, we have released a new website with fun new merch! Have a look! …

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My very good friend and the creative director for GenderFlux, Barry Brandon, is developing an app specifically to connect the non-binary & gender non-conforming communities together. It is a MEMBERS ONLY app, which means that the app will cost you $5/monthly or $30/yearly, to access and be apart of the community. This cost allows further development of the app, but it also keeps trolls and bullies out. The app will instantly connect you to queer and non-binary individuals in your area! …

I hope I can begin working on my music soon!

- Elliott Alexzander

Photos By: Barry Brandon & George Gish 

Where I am at with understanding gender as a spectrum and where the different aspects of my gender are among that spectrum.

I think being able to view gender as a spectrum is vital when it comes to expanding your mind on all the possibilities.

When people ask me “What does Genderfluid mean” I used to give them a basic definition, but the truth is, that only confuses people who poses a binary view of gender. It’s my opinion that in order for somone to truly grasp the concept of gender identities beyond cisgender, they need to grasp the concept of gender as a spectrum first.

For those that are confused, here is a diagram. It’s not the best diagram and doesn’t list every known gender idenity, but it serves as a VERY, VERY basic example of how gender identity is much more of a spectrum, instead of a binary. I couldn’t really grasp the idea of different gender identities until I understood that gender is a spectrum of possibilities, followed by different aspects of my gender.

For myself personally, I identify as Genderfluid. However, there are different aspects to my gender identity, such as my gender expression. When it comes to my gender expression I am typically most comfortable presenting on the feminine Genderfluid side of the spectrum, but not always.

By understanding my gender as fluid, and understanding gender as a spectrum, aspects of my life became entirely different. The clothes I wear, my choice of pronouns (She/He/They) and how I educate others on Gender has changed. 

I am also learning that aspects of my gender do not always have to align with each other.

In other words, although I am transitioning my body through hormone therapy to better suit my gender expression, this will not change my gender identity. I will still be Genderfluid, even after my transition. I used to think that if I transition my body in any way that it would make me entirely transgender, but I don’t believe that. I am Genderfluid, I always have been even before I had a label for it. Being on hormone therapy is only helping me achieve my gender expression, but does not have to effect how I understand my gender identity.

The subject of gender and all it’s aspects are a challenge even for me sometimes. I grow a little bit more understanding of myself each day as long as I try to keep an open mind to the possibilities. The better I understand myself, including my gender, the more confident I am in myself. But this is only an account of my own understanding.

How I feel about gender may not be exactly how someone else understands gender, and that is OKAY!

I don’t think that I will ever have a perfect grasp on how gender applies to myself or others. I say that because I am constantly changing. I am not the person I was 5 years ago and I don’t expect to be the person I am right now 5 years into the future. That being said, knowing what I know to be true for myself, I feel free to change or develop into whoever I might become in the future. I don’t feel as though I have to maintain myself according to a binary gender system or adhere to any specific gender roles. This alone was one of the most freeing realizations.

-Elliott Alexzander

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