androgynous man


some newish character ideas I’ve had! The Large one is Alcyone and the angry one is M.

Short version: M is 6 different people who have been forced/cursed to share the same body. That’s 6 cognitive, conscious minds, all shoved in the same meatsack and trying to still function. All of their names start with the letter ‘M’, so, thus, that’s what they go by now.

M has a hard time agreeing on anything with themselves, but they all can agree that they hate Alcyone with every fiber of their being. Alcyone thinks they’re funny.


Why is it socially acceptable for a woman to dress like a “man”? Masculine. Wear her hair short, wear pants, suits even and it be acceptable.

But for a man to dress like a “woman” it’s vile. Weak. Unnatural. Disgusting even?

Women are equal to men. In strength. Ability. Creativity. And their fashion, despite what society thinks, should be available to anyone.

I don’t mind wearing dresses. Frankly, because I look fabulous in them. But more importantly because I’m perfectly fine being associated with everything a woman stands for.

Because women are fucking awesome.

Today’s Queer Headcanon of the Day is: Luke Skywalker is greyaro, ace, and a trans man. Leia Organa is biromantic, demisexual, and androgyne. Han Solo is a pansexual, polyamorous demiboy who is dating Luke and Leia.

Today was an important day for me. I went to church dressed like this, dressed as the androgynous-presenting non-binary person that I am. I haven’t willingly gone to church in over a year as church has hurt me a lot. But today I went as me. Today I didn’t give a fuck about what people thought. Today I went for me.