Man or woman? Androgyny at its finest by model Mack Dihle. Handsome Woman gender-bender. Photo by @alissapagels

Can I just say that I’m really proud of taemin. On NCT’s Night Night radio he discussed how the MOVE choreo isn’t distinctly male or female, but just him. It’s smething he can bring to the stage and how it hasn’t really been done before by a male solo idol.

I love that he’s (slowly) embracing his androgny. You can tell he’s learning that it’s not just a punch line on a variety show but a valid and underrepresented existence that he inhabits. He did qualify at the end (that he is a guy) but he’s new to publicly talking about it.

He’s spent so much time trying to get rid of the feminine parts of himself, as both a member of SHINee and as a solo artist, but to see him now taking steps personally and creatively to embrace these traits really warms my heart.