andro saurus


what a remarkable night. I got to see one of my very favorite people with some of my very favorite people, and meet so many new friends. Shout out to @cuethetommo for organizing our larrie meet up, @silverfoxlouis @newleafover @jimmytfallon @gaysilk @iampackratseemehoard @afirethatcannotdie @twopoppies @metal-eye @tightropeofhope @jlf23tumble  @justlarried everyone else for being there, @andro-saurus for running into me afterwards and being so lovely, and to @bayit for providing the ticket to my mom so she could go with us. Most of all, sweet Jaki for getting me the ticket of a lifetime. I am indebted to you forever! 

I am so grateful to this community and so grateful be a one direction fan. I have never felt so seen, supported, or understood being a fan of anything. You all are my home, my second family, and I love you all so so much <3 

andro-saurus  asked:

Hey! I'm an artist and I often draw my own haircuts, and my hairstylist recommended I collect my drawings and make a book. However, all my drawings are of me! Id love to draw other people, and I made a post about it on my blog, but I thought maybe you'd promote my project since you post awesome queercuts here! Thank you for your time :))

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