andro problems


Honestly, I never feel comfortable going into like clothes shops when it comes to shopping for myself. I find “men’s clothing” to be more comfortable and not to mention a bit more my style, but every time I walk past a fancy men’s clothing store with the thought of going in I get this intimidating feeling like they’re judging me and going to be rude so I just don’t bother.

It’s so annoying that I feel myself so strongly as a pretty male, but I feel like super gay femine, but just glitter all over me with femine and masculine at the same time. And still ppl call me using gender just because I have a fucking black hole in my pants. YA DARE TO CALL ME BY USING GENDER PRONOUNS (she/he) I WILL SUCK YA IN MY BLACKHOLE AND I USE YOUR BODY AS A FUEL, THEN I’M GONNA EVOLVE. BITCH.