how to look more masculine with long hair

in my time on the web ive never seen a single resource for genderwibbly people who want to present more masculine but who don’t want to chop off their billowing locks. so i’d figure i’d make my own. So i proudly present: JULES’ NOT QUITE COMPLETE GUIDE TO LONG HAIRED MASCULINITY

okay so first thing you have got to realize is that (even tho it totally sucks) most people automatically see that short hair equals masculine and long hair equals feminine. i know its trash but that’s how it is. so what you want to do is try to break that frame of mind in half and make people question it by contradicting it.


contouring is the name of the game folks! you’ve probably seen a bunch of tutorials on this so ill just touch on it. The main focus is to shade your face with makeup to make it look less rounded and more angular. so after applying some foundation and concealer your gonna want to get some bronzer(or some dark brown eye-shadow is what i use) and shade these areas on your face: 

blend the heck out of that till it looks more natural. next your gonna want to put some concealer on your lips to make them less pink and noticeable. and then THE most IMPORTANT part of this: DARKEN YOUR EYEBROWS im not talking fill them in or sharpen them up. im talking fur logs on your face. your can use an eyebrow pencil or some eyeliner that matches the color of your brows to give them a thicker and less curved shape(i already have kinda bushy, manly shaped brows so i just apply mascara to them to make them look darker and fuller). Then your face be lookin so super fine! 

more refs on this:  1   2   3  (there’s tons of tutorials and refs on this if you do a simple google or youtube search) 


ALRIGHT! now here’s the fun bit. youve pretty much got two chocies: pull your hair up? or leave it down? i know somewhere along the line youre thinking “oh i’ll just push it up in a hat!” but i’m gonna be honest with you. its not like it is in the movies. in fact this almost never works. you don’t look like a dude. you just look like a girl with hair pushed up in a hat. if you can convincingly pull off a hat trick then right on for you!! but 9/10 times your just gonna look kinda dumb.

1) THE MAN BUN (aka the top knot)

honestly the man bun is modern society’s gift to long haired masculine people. its just growing and growing in popularity and so now guys with their hair up is a totally normal thing. its also super easy to do which is always a plus. this is pretty simple so i’ll just put some tutorials for it: [ 1  2  3 ] okay ive found that one of the main thing that sells this hair style as masculine is the placement of the bun on the head. girls usually where their hair up and the bun is in the middle of the back of their head. but a man bun is way up on the top of the back of the head like these:


okay so the main thing your hair does when its down is shape your face. and what youre trying to do here is to get your hair to reinforce a masculine shaped face. so check this out:

notice how the hair falls around their face? her hair swoops over her forehead and around the sides of her face making curves while his makes straight lines across his forehead and straight down the sides. now i know youre thinking “that’s just cause her hair is curly and his is straight” but the same thing applies with curly hair. it doesn’t matter what style of hair you have. what matters is how the hair shapes the forehead. you want your forehead to have that upside-down U shape going on 

also notice the direction the hair is going on the top of the head

most of her hair is coming forward towards her face to make those curvy swoops while his is going straight back completely out of his face. as the hair comes down around their shoulders it does what it pleases but for a masculine hair style youre gonna want to have the top going straight back and away from your face. 

okay so that’s all ive got! this is how i try to break the long hair equals femininity assumption. if youve got any other questions or anything i should add just shoot me a message. hope this helps!!