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CLEAN SLATE - model: Leomie Anderson - photograper: Sacha Maric - stylist: Memsor Kamarake - hair: Andrita Renee - makeup: Mark Edio - nails: Miss Pop - stylist assistant: Nafeesa Baptiste - Nylon December / January 2015 - 2016

  • featured: DKNY, Alberta Ferretti, Dior, Burberry, Chloé, Chanel, Anna Sui, Arthur Arbesser, Lapointe, K.Miele, (Agl boots, Adidas sneakers, Hue, socks, Tuleste jewelry)

Jamie Strachan x ADON.

Last fall I got to do a few editorials for an international mens fashion magazine called ADON. For two days I got to hang out with gangs of incredibly good looking male models and listen to The 1975- t'was a magical experience. 

Here’s what I believe to be the final feature from that assignment- Jamie Strachan in full on floral and again in an Olympic-esque medallion. His hair  was very obedient, might I add. A brush and a bit of product was all it took to tame it.



Real women do real things.

I love a woman who stays giving “looks”. These days its such a rarity that you see a women who’s obviously spent a large amount of time (and money) on her hair - especially in NYC. Don’t nobody ever seem to have time fa’ dat! So here’s to the girls who still own curling irons and aren’t afraid of a lil clip-in action. 

When stylist Julia Morris told me that the inspiration for this editorial would be disco glam, I was all, ‘Dude, don’t play with my emotions’. 

This hair look was largely about both volume and texture. I added a set of clip in hair extensions into Jess’ hair to kick off the volume portion of this event. Mind you, Jess is no Bald-i-locks, herself. 

I sectioned Jess’ hair into four sections for easy manageability. Working horizontally, I took 2 inch sections starting at the nape area (No. 4). I lightly sprayed Amika’s Headstrong Hairspray on the sections before wrapping around my medium sized iron (Amika’s 32 mm Digital Titanium Pro Curler). Lastly, I pinned each curl in place with pin curl clips.

After you set your whole head go and do your makeup, watch some live Beyonce performances on Youtube, make a smoothie, paint your nails, whatever. Just don’t disturb those damn curls. Showering is not an option, either. Steam is the number one killer of unnatural curls.

Just before the anticipation kills you, go ahead and take out the curl clips. I like to take out a row and then brush it out before moving on to the next. Tomato, tomoto. Use a 7 Row or 5 Row brush. I don’t know why they are called that but we always called it the Dorothy brush where I come from (which makes even less sense). They are probably the easiest brushes to find on earth. And they’re cheapity cheap. 

You want to brush each curl from scalp to ends, let it live and move on to the next. And thats it.

Easy peasy.


Dear Diary: I Want Her Hair.

Betty Davis.

Whether she was in a press ‘n set kind of mood or  having a voluptuous 'fro day, Betty Davis’ hair was always enviable. Just the right amount of care and recklessness is what I like to believe attracts me to her many beauty looks. As a girl who doesn’t typically do “pretty” hair, I love it when I come across another woman who isn’t afraid to funk it up a bit. 

Let me count the ways I love Betty Davis’ hair:

1. Length. Her fro may have stayed the same length for a while, but the shape was never monotonous. 

2. Texture. Using rollers to switch up the texture of a fro is something I personally have not tried but its most def on my 'To Do’ list now.

3. Attitude. Not sure if this makes any sense to anyone outside of myself, but Betty Davis’ hair had attitude. It put an exclamation point at the end of both her wardrobe and her songs. I live for hair that makes a statement.


#1 Crush.

Editorial for Bullett Magazine shot by Amber Mahoney.

This is so far one of my favorite shoots from 2015. The model gave it up crazy and I love love, like really, loved her. We shot in studio somewhere in BK on one snowy day filled with the best 90′s playlist I’ve ever heard in my whole life’s entirety.

The hair vibes were very specific: natural and effortless. I think we nailed it. I used very little product but Amika’s Touchable Hairspray kept a few unruly strands together while Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Thickening Hairspray kept the hair plump without loosing texture created by rough drying Amika Un.Done Texture Spray into the hair.

And the model took care of the rest.

This is why I love working with all girl crews on photoshoots. We get shit done. And we typically have fun doing it.

For an upcoming editorial I got to tend to The Americans actress Holly Taylor’s LONG, GORGEOUS, NATURAL hair. It was so fun working with my favorite all girl crew, Emily Soto on photograph, Alyssa Lorraine on make up and Julia Morris on wardrobe. 

Holly’s hair was sooooo long, have I mentioned that already? Well, I prepped her with a small amount of gel and root lift and round brush set her hair with my dryer. Then, I set her again with my 1 ¾" hologram irons and a bit of Oribe hairspray. Love them.

Et voila. Cant wait for the full editorial to be released but until then heres my #tbt.


at Banana Republic F/W 2015 with Jeanie Syfu for Tresemme

On this wintery snow filled afternoon in Soho, I got to spend a few hours drooling over ‘I-Mean-Business-But-I-Also-Have-Style’ pieces from a new Banana Republic collection with designer Marissa Webb. Oh, and I was doing hair also for Jeanie Syfu’s Tresemme team. We used a salt spray and mousse from the brand’s new Easily Undone line to create effortless textured looks for the models. 

It was an absolute zoo backstage but in a good way. Banana Republic has a solid fan base within the working fashion industry and they all came to see whats new. Upon leaving the venue, there was still a line of fashion girls with snowflakes in their eyelashes waiting for entrance. 

God Bless 'em.