A grim day for Square-Enix

Honestly, when you admit to something like this, it’s just disturbing and disheartening.

In an article in Famitsu magazine, SE revealed they have the rough concepts for their first game using Unreal Engine 3. I won’t even bother going into my hatred of UE3’s overuse, what the disturbing part was one very specific quote: 

Ichimura reveals that he and the game’s staff traveled the world for the past two years and conducted user surveys to research art and gameplay direction for the game

So let me get this straight. You licensed a game engine, for a project you had no idea what you wanted to do with, so long as it wasn’t an established franchise(for once). So instead you take the design by commitee approach? Something, I should point out, is the epitomy of soul less game design, and the worst form of evil.

If you don’t even have the basic idea of gameplay you want to use, you obviously don’t have a story. Which means you had nothing to begin with. What in the fuck, were you thinking? That by asking a ton of random Japanese gamers you could win back all the lost faith in the company after countless fuck-ups?
Games That Made Famitsu's Readers Cry

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Any list that includes Okami is a good list to me :P

That said, WOW to Final Fantasy….might be too many of them. I’ve never cried at any shape or form of media since I don’t make that kind of connection to it (not to be disconnected, I can get sad over/depressed of a game, not cry though). I can see why people cried over these though.

Apparently FFVII was made in 1997 on the 3DS. Huh.

Crisis Core is the closest I’ve come to crying at a game, which is strange because everybody already knows the ending. The ending itself was a bittersweet moment but kind of over-the-top with the music. The symbolism and the actual fight-till-you-die scene is what got me. Its fucked up and awesome at the same time.

The entire game made Zack the most likable adorkable person, and my favorite FF character in all of FF (FFXIII may change that).
Andriasang: Ocarina in Time 3DS impressions

I’m linking because of this:

The bottom screen has an “eye” icon which can be used to switch the game into a viewing mode for getting a look at Link’s surroundings. You can control the camera in this mode the old fashioned way with the analogue stick, or you can make use of a new feature for the 3DS version: gyro support.

When in viewing mode, you can directly control the view by moving the system up, down and around. This basically means turning your body around just like Link would. Yes, playing like this will draw stares on the train, but I found the gyro-based controls intuitive and preferred using it in place of the traditional analogue controls.

The gyro-based control system can also be used for aiming while firing your slingshot, so it could end up being a central part of the gameplay.

When the Wii first came out, and people were trying to figure out the best way to do an FPS for it, one suggestion was to unlink the usual tie of your aim and your view; basically, allowing one hand to use tilt to control where you looked on screen, and the other hand with the pointer could control where your reticule was.

It was an interesting idea, but somewhat impractical. Controlling all of that while also controlling movement was a bit too much to do at once, so only a couple of on-rails/light gun shooters ever really tried it, and then only to a limited degree. Anything that would be more VR, or at least match more realistic movements, wouldn’t be able to happen unless someone could move their head and the screen, so that eye movements matched. That’s why headsets are the norm for these things.

Of course, if you have the screen, and can move the screen to match your own head movements, then maybe we have a real solution to a second or third analog. Which would be cool, except that it’s still impractical for fast paced games.

Andriasang is officially closing up shop.

For those that don’t know, Andriasang, was in my opinion one of, if not the, best source for unbiased, English-native news relating to the Japanese gaming industry. It’s sad to see such a great figure, no matter how small, in journalism step down. Good luck, Anoop, in all your future endeavors.

And a week right before TGS, too. It’s all riding on Siliconera now.

Andriasang's Flying Get!

If you happen to peruse the internet in search of the latest Japanese video game news, you may have stumbled upon Andriasang. Each week Andriasang features a “Flying Get” article that dishes out the latest gaming magazine leaks ahead of their release!

This weeks “Flying Get” happens to be all kinds of awesome for me as it features a ton of info on three HUGE games I’m anxiously awaiting!

Yep! You guessed it! Dark Souls, Armored Core V and The Last Guardian!

Click the source link below and go check it out!

[via - Andriasang]

I was rewatching the demo ending for the 3875298375th time and noticed this thing in Luna’s hand. It looks like a ring.

Now, if you guys remember a long time ago, Nomura said that Noctis would wear a ring that is heavily connected to the game’s storyline. Maybe this is it? What do you guys think?

( In this link Nomura talks about the ring )