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NOMBRE: Vassily Sokolov
EDAD: 54 años / 07 de Noviembre (Escorpio)
ORIENTACIÓN: Demisexual / Heterromántico
PROFESIÓN: Ingeniero Mecánico
OCUPACIÓN: Dueño de talleres de reparación
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  • Tiene 3 hijos y una ex esposa. Sus hijos viven en EEUU y su ex mujer vive en Ucrania.
  • Tuvo hijos a temprana edad, aun así, intentó ser un buen padre. Lamentablemente su crianza estricta y sumamente dura; además de un par de incidentes, acabó alejando a sus hijos, quebrando la relación.
  • Es un hombre educado y aunque su carácter es intenso, tiende a caer bien a los demás.
  • Su cabello se a ido aclarando con la edad, pero aun se pueden aprecia (en la puntas de su pelo) su color natural.
Winter Next Door - Part 1


Prologue   Part 1  Part 2 Coming Soon

Imagine: BuckyXReader 

Summary: This is based in the two years in which Bucky was in hiding during CA:CW.  You have  a new neighbour moved in next door, who just happens to be Bucky Barnes. You decide to introduce yourself, but hes very quiet and closed off. But that doesn’t mean you give up, cause you never do. Switches between past and present.

Warning: Swearing. Nothing much.

Authors Note: Hey, this is my first Imagine. Hope you like it. Might not be the best, but I’m thinking of making it a series. Hope you enjoy it. More action will happen soon.

Translations - Romanian (I got these from google translate.No hate)

Dimineața Andrei - Morning Andrei

Buna dimineata - Good Morning

Este timpul să plătiți chiria - Time to pay the rent

la revedere - Goodbye

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The beginning.

Well I had just moved to Romania, I was two months in to living there. Everything was peaceful. The people were lovely and friendly, though getting used to the language did take a while. I was trying to start a new life. My parents just had a divorce, I had just finished University and broken up with my boyfriend. So yeah, as you could tell, I wanted to get away from everything. And moving country’s was my only idea.

So a twenty-two year old women moving to a whole new country, let alone a busy city, was quite scary. But after a while I got used to and actually loved it a lot more than the village I grew up in back in England.

Anyways, as I was saying, it was already two months in and on the day my rent was to be collected, that i met him.

It started off as a normal morning. Waking up, morning run, breakfast. Then after I had just gotten my normal clothes on, my landlord Andrei knocks on the door. Andrei is nice old fellow, he knew some English which was fortunate when i first arrive looking for a place to stay.

I go and open the door,

“Dimineața Andrei.” I greet Andrei with a smile on my face. He smiles back and shakes my hand.

“Buna dimineata (y/n).”  Andrei greets back. “ Este timpul să plătiți chiria.”

I quickly go back into my flat to retrieve the money, and head back to give it to him. “Here you go. Do you wanna come in for some tea or anything?” I offer.

“No thank you I’ve got to get other people’s rent. Your Romanian is getting very good, keep it up.” Andrei smiles to me.

“Aw, thank you Andrei, its because of the help from you.” I say to him. I look over his shoulder of one second and I see a box piled outside of the door right across from me. The flat has been empty even before I moved here, Andrei told me when I first started to settle in. 

I see Andrei about to go, so I quickly ask out of curiosity. “Hey, Andrei, whats with the box? Is someone moving in?”

“Yeah there is. Gladly, that place as been empty a long time. Its a young man, I would say probably couple years older than you. Quite quiet and shy though. He’s also american. He moved in just yesterday,” Andrei replies “Maybe you should talk to him, make a friend. Well, anyways I’ve got to go, la revedere (y/n).”

“La revedere Andrei.” I watch as he walks away and goes up the stirs to next person. I look across at the door and wonder if I should say I.

I think for moment, but then I close my door thinking that’d I would do it later. II look at my apartment and see it’s not the tidiest, so as it is May, maybe I should do some spring cleaning. Nah, I’ll do that tomorrow.


“Fuck.” I hear a masculine voice from outside shout.

I quickly run to my door nearly tripping and open it, to reveal a tall muscular man, with long brown hair, holding the box that was on the floor, which has no got its bottom open and it’s contexts on the floor. I’m guessing this is my new neighbour Andrei was on about

“Hey, are you okay?” I ask quickly. And so quickly he looked at me with a shocked expression. I notice he has beautiful bright blue eyes and is really handsome. “Hello, hi, sorry, I might’ve given you a bit of a shock by rushing out here really quickly. I’m (y/n)by the way. I’m your neighbour.”

He looks at me and stares. An awkward silence settles between us, me standing there looking at him and him looking back. 

“Well, so… want me to help you?” I ask as i point to the stuff on the floor. I notice that its a few clothing and notebooks. Guy must be a writer.

I stand to bend down and pick it up for him, but clumsy me decides to bloody trip on my own two feet. I start to fall, but I feel two hands stopping me. However there was a juxtaposition of hot and cold. I look at the hands confused and to my surprise I see his right hand his metal. I’m not scared, just surprised.

He quickly puts me back on my two feet, I smile at him. “Thanks for that. Sorry, I’m just a really, really big clumsy person,” I say to him. “Anyways, let me help you.” I bend down and I start to pick up some of his stuff. He copies and holds them close. We both stand back up and I smile at him as I hand over his stuff.

I was about to turn a way, when suddenly I hear him speak. “Thanks for helping.” 

I see that he was about to turn away, into his own flat, before I say, “Do I get a name? Cause I don’t really want to be stuck calling you neighbour.”

Before he completely enters his home, he turns to me and gives a small sad smile. “It’s Bucky.” And then he goes. But before he closes the door I am sure I hear him mumble some words.

Which sounded like “I think.”


I look at Steve, and I seem him look down into his cup. He lets out a sigh.

“He still wasn’t sure who hew was.” Steve says, but I’m guessing he’s saying it to himself.

“Steve, I know that you know that this was going to be hard for you. Do you still want me to continue?” I ask very seriously to him.

“Yes.” He says back. “Like I said (y/n), I need to know how he was.”

I look at him, and I ask him a question that has been bugging in my head. “Why don’t you ask him for his story? Why come all this way just to ask me?”

“Because he can’t. Because I can’t.” He says looking up at me. “Please just tell me.” I see the desperstion in his eyes. I take a quick sip from my tea.

“Okay. So where was? Ah yes. The second day of meeting him. We at least at had more of a conversation on our second time meeting.” I start to say.

“What was he saying?” Steve asks.

“He mentioned you Steve. You were the topic we talked about.”

He face is full of shocked, “Did he say he remembered anything?”

“He says he remember he fell. And you didn’t catch him.”

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Great Comet PSA

HIS NAME IS ANDREY!!!! WITH A Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for your time, this has been a great comet psa

anonymous asked:

Is Andrey spelled with a y or an i? Because people spell it "i" but it's "Pierre and Andrey" with a y and I genuinely just don't want to get it wrong.

Both are correct, but I feel that Andrey looks better - steph

Increíble, te vuelves indescriptible de la noche a la mañana, mi tranquilidad parece convertirse en un drama, en donde mi pecho se sale del alma y poco a poco se tienta el cañón con sutileza y calma.
—  Andrey Rojas