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Three childhoods, three endings:

  -Les quatre cents coups (a.k.a. The 400 Blows) (François Truffaut, 1959)

  -Ivan’s Childhood (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1962)

  -Moonlight (Barry Jenkins, 2016)


andrey hates anatole and thats the tea on that! so here are some hcs abt it. they’re kind of bad and i didnt proofread them but hey. who cares. 

dedicated to the nutmobile and special thanks to my dude @bearthebrent thanks for helping ur gorl means a whole bunch 

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thespookyastronomer  asked:

writing prompt: sonyamary where natasha and mary genuinely don't like each other at first, like, they have some kind of rivalry at work, but Sonya comes home every day to the apartment she and Natasha share and gushes about her girlfriend... but Natasha doesn't piece together that Mary is the girlfriend until they first meet

The position of #1 in the class is an important one, their professor told them on their first day of classes, and only the best person would be guaranteed an internship in the firm. From then on, Natasha had known that she needed to be number one. And she would have been, if Marya Bolkonskaya hadn’t decided she needed the number one position as well. It was coming down to the decimals in the point system, and it was constantly changing. 

In the middle of writing a paper on the couch, Natasha’s legs thrown over the arm, she startles when the door opens and then almost slams and Sonya waltzes in, humming. 

“Where’ve you been?” Natasha asks without looking up from her laptop. 

“Girlfriend.” Sonya hums, dropping onto the other sofa in the apartment and just letting out a pleased sigh. “She made cookies,Tasha. For me. Just an entire batch of chocolate-chocolate-chip cookies, for me.”

“Cute.” Natasha says before looking up, noticing the small hurt look that crosses Sonya’s face. “No, I’m serious, Son, that’s adorable. I’m just. Stressed. I could use a break, though, tell me about her.”

“She made me cookies.” Sonya says again before sighing softly. “She’s so pretty, Tasha, and she blushes every time I say it, like, like she doesn’t believe me the last time. And she loves to bake. Like, it’s not funny. I keep saying she should drop outta law school and open a bakery, that’s how good.”

“You could open that coffee shop with her.” Natasha points out, biting on the end of her pen. Sonya brightens a little and grabs her phone, texting her girlfriend immediately. Natasha laughs. “Bring her to Marya’s Christmas party this year, Sonya, she’s more than welcome. You know that. Pierre and Andrei are coming this year.”

“What’d you blackmail them with?” Sonya asks curiously. Natasha just smiles wickedly and rolls over to keep writing her paper. Sonya laughs. 

Natasha is staring at the door, waiting. “God, give it up, babe, she’ll get here when she gets here.” Andrei sighs, kissing Natasha’s head softly. “Pierre, she won’t stop doing this, help me.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Pierre replies, a little lost in the crowd of people. Marya Dmitrievna’s Christmas parties are legendary on UMoscow’s campus. 

“Distract her?” Andrei tosses back to his boyfriend, trying to tug his girlfriend away from the door. Pierre sighs a little. 

“Natasha, he’s right. Let it rest, Sonya will get here when she gets here, and you can meet her girlfri- Natasha, come on!” Pierre loses his grip on her arm and Natasha practically barrels towards the door of the apartment, getting there directly as Sonya walks in, giggling softly, on the arm of-

“Oh.” Natasha says softly, looking between Sonya and Mary. Oh. It makes sense, Natasha realizes, as she considers it more. And they seem happy. They are happy. Who is Natasha to fuck that up? “Mary! Sonya, I’m glad you both came!” She says, tugging them both into the apartment without a second’s hesitation. Mary is kind, smiles, until she sees her brother. 

“Oh, fuck.” Mary says in a low voice. Natasha looks between them, sensing that Andrei had no idea his sister was going to be there. 

“I’ll handle him, he’s harmless, come on. Andrei, down.” Natasha says, passing her boyfriend and stealing just long enough of a kiss to throw him off so the young woman can tug Mary and Sonya past. Pierre hides a snicker behind his glass. Andrei shoots him a glare. Their girlfriend was going to be a hell of a lawyer. 

Movies with Non-Consensual Sexual Content A-G

For a quick check of a movie not on this list, go to IMDb, search for the movie, and click parents guide on the right menu on the page for the movie. This generally explicitly describes any sex or violence, so be forewarned. Some movies do not have this part filled in, unfortunately.

For Movies H-M go here.
For Movies N-Z go here.

For our list of blacklisted content creators, go here.

Control + F to quick search.


  • 12 Years a Slave - Graphic R (x).
  • 22 Female Kottayam (22FK) - (x)
  • 22 Jump Street - R by deceit, implied younger student coerced/forced into a relationship with older man (x)
  • 2:37 - Graphic incestuous (x)
  • 28 Days Later (2002) - Attempted R (x)
  • 3 Days to Kill - Attempted R (x)
  • 300 - Graphic R (x)
  • 300: Rise of an Empire - Implied R (x)
  • 40 Days and 40 Nights - Graphic R (x)
  • 47 Ronin - Implied R (x)
  • 50 Shades of Grey - Questionable consent at best, stalking. Much less problematic than the book (x)
  • 6 Guns - (x)
  • 7 Days (Les 7 jours du talion) - (x)
  • 8MM - Sexual violence, involves snuff films (x)
  • 9 ½ Weeks - Graphic R (x)
  • 90 Minutes (90 Minutter) - Graphic R (x)
  • 90120 - (x)
  • 8 Women - Implied R, pedophilia, pregnancy from R (x)
  • 6 Years - Attempted R, 53:20 to 55:03 (x)


  • ABCs of Death - Implied CSA (x)
  • Abduction of Eden - Implied R (x)
  • Abzurdah - Statuory relationship (x).
  • The Accused - Graphic R, whole movie is about R (x)
  • The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - Attempted CSA, child outsmarts the adult, played off as comedy (x)
  • After Lucia (Después de Lucía) - Off-screen R, R, SA, victim blaming (x)
  • Aftershock - Very graphic R (x)
  • Age of Ultron - R joke (x).
  • Akira - Sexual violence (x)
  • Alien - alien R, forced impregnation through the mouth (x)
  • Alien 3 - attempted gang R early in the movie, forced impregnation (x)
  • All About Lily Chou-Chou - Implied G-R, one scene is graphic G-R (x)
  • All Cheerleaders Die - Implied R (x).
  • Almost famous - In the last quarter of the movie an unconscious character is kissed (x).
  • Almost Human [Milano odia: la polizia non può sparare] - Graphic R (x).
  • Altar - Implied R (x)
  • Altered - (x)
  • American Beauty - Attempted CSA, infatuation from an older man with a young female, viewers may find it disturbing (x)
  • American History X - Graphic R (x)
  • American Mary - Graphic R [starts 37 minutes in, ends 3 minutes later] (x)
  • American Me - Very graphic R (x)
  • American Psycho - nonconsensual sexual themes, SA themes (x)
  • Andrei Rublev- Multiple graphic R, attempted R. (x)
  • An American Crime - Graphic R (x)
  • An American Haunting - CSA (x)
  • Amityville II: The Possession - Graphic incest (x)
  • The Angels’ Melancholy - see Melancholie der Engel
  • Angel of Vengeance - see Ms. 45.
  • Animal House - Mentions of R (x).
  • Another Time, Another Place - Graphic R and posterior trauma (x).
  • Antichrist - Sexual torture, graphic R (x)
  • Arang - (x)
  • As I Lay Dying - Graphic R (x)
  • As If I Am Not There - (x)
  • Asian School Girls - R/revenge genre (x)
  • Ask Me Anything (2014) - Implied R, flashbacks; CSA discussion (x).
  • Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu kyôshitsu the Movie) - Used as a comedy device, offscreen, graphic R (x)
  • Assault (Tower of Terror, In the Devil’s Garden) - (x)
  • At the Devil’s Door (2014) - Implied R [12:18-12:40 mins] and [1:07:00-1:07:40 mins] (x)
  • Atonement - Graphic statuory R that is the central theme (x)
  • Audition - Implied incest and CSA with flashbacks (x).
  • August Underground’s Mordum - (x)
  • August Underground’s Penance - (x)
  • Avenged - see Savaged
  • The Awakening - Attempted R (fairly graphic) starting at around 79:00 (x)
  • Axe (see also Lisa, Lisa; released theatrically as California Axe Massacre) - (x).
  • Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive - Jokes about CSA (9:00-13:15) after he says “Go! Leave! Leave! Go!” (x).
  • Azooma (Gongjeongsahoe) - (x)


  • The Babysitters (2007) - Implied, attempted R (x)
  • The Backwoods (2006)- Graphic R (x)
  • Back to the Future Part I - Graphic attempted R (x).
  • Bad boy Bubby - R, incest (x).
  • Bad Education (see also La mala educación) - Heavily implied molestation, CSA (x)
  • Bad Reputation - Graphic R/revenge genre (x)
  • Baise-moi (Fuck Me/R Me) - Very, very graphic R (x)
  • Bandit Queen - (x).
  • Bangkok Dangerous (2000) - Graphic R (x).
  • The Bank Job - Consensual kink (features really heavily in the film) and blackmail with photos (x).
  • Basic Instinct - Graphic R (x).
  • Bastard Out of Carolina - Graphic CSA/R (x)
  • Battle Royale - Attempted, implied R (x)
  • Bawandar (see also The Sand Storm) - (x).
  • Beasts Of No Nation - Graphic R and CSA (x).
  • Because of the Cats (see also The R) - (x).
  • Bedevilled (see also Kim Bok-nam Salinsageonui Jeonmal) - Graphic and implied scenes of R (x)
  • Beyond the Lights (2014)- Around 58 mins in, rough and sexually forced ‘dancing’ (x)
  • Big - CSA: a child has the body of an adult (x).
  • Big Bad Wolf- Graphic R (x)
  • The Big Racket (Il grande racket) - (x).
  • Billy Jack - R halfway in the movie (x).
  • Bird Man - Attempted R (x)
  • Byzantium* - Implied R (x)
  • Blackbird* (year?) - Attempted R.
  • Black Caesar - R scene at the 41:00and lasts about two minutes (x).
  • Black or White - It is about a custody battle for a girl whose parents were involved in CSA (it’s implied once), (x).
  • Black Rock* (1997) - Adapted from ‘A Property of The Clan’ graphic R. (X).
  • Black Rock (2012) – Graphic R (x).
  • Black Snake Moan - Graphic R (x).
  • Black Swan - (x).
  • Blade Runner - Graphic R, protagonist is the abuser (x).
  • Blazing Saddles (Sillas de montar calientes) - Mentions of R (x).
  • Blindness (2008) - Graphic R (x).
  • Blood Debts - (x).
  • Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet - (x).
  • Blue is The Warmest Color (La vie d'Adèle) -CSA- Statuory relationship with graphic scenes; an adult tries to flirt with a teen (x).
  • Blue Lagoon - There is a scene where a woman yell at her partner to stop before having sex, then she walks away. But it could be triggering (x).
  • Blue Velvet (1986) - Graphic R, multiple instances (x).
  • The Book of Eli - Graphic R (x).
  • The Book of Revelation - Graphic R scene, it’s the central plot  (x).
  • Boot Camp - Graphic R (x).
  • Borat -R*ist mention as a comedy device (x).
  • Born Innocent - (x).
  • The Boy Next Door (2015) - Attempted R (x).
  • Boys Before Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) -SA -  Recurrent SA and R attempts. R is romanticized (x).
  • Boys Don’t Cry - Very graphic R (x).
  • Braveheart (1995) - Attempted R (x).
  • Broken (Banghwanghaneun Kalna) - (x)
  • Brotherhood of Death - (x)
  • Bundy - Graphic R and necrophilia (x).
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf - incest, R in the latter part of the film (x)
  • Bully – Graphic R/CSA (x)
  • The Bunnyman Massacre - Brief R in the middle of movie - (x)
  • The Business of Strangers - (x)
  • The Butterfly Effect - CSA (x).
  • Big Driver - (x)


  • The Cabin in the Woods (x) - third party coerces two protags to have sex
  • California Axe Massacre - see Axe
  • Call Me Crazy: A Five Film - R (x).
  • Cam2Cam (2014) - Implied R (x)
  • Camp X-Ray - R attempt (x).
  • The Canal - Attempted supernatural SA on babysitter (x).
  • Cannibal Holocaust - Graphic R, very bad (x)
  • Cape Fear (both versions) - Graphic R(x)(x)
  • Captive - (x).
  • Carrie (1976) - Mentions of R (x).
  • Casablanca - Implied coerced sex 54:30, 66:30 and 70:38 (x).
  • Cashback - SA of a teenager (x)
  • Casualties of War - Very graphic R(x)
  • Caterpillar - R and marital R(x)
  • The Cavern - Graphic R, at the end of the movie (x)
  • The Cell - Possible CSA (x)
  • A Certain Sacrifice - (x)
  • Chained - Graphic R, central theme, implied R (x).
  • Chatroom (2010)- Mentions of R, illusions to pedophillia (x).
  • The Change-Up - Graphic R, used as a comedy device (x).
  • Changeling - Forced bath and medical check around minute 01:02:00 and ends at 01:03:00 (x).
  • Chaos - Graphic R, remake of the Last House on the Left with slight changes (x).
  • Charlie’s Angels - Implicit R of someone with mental disabilities, portrayed as ‘consensual’ (x).
  • Cherry Falls - Graphic R (x).
  • Child 44 - Implied R, violent movie in general. (x)
  • Child’s Play - Attempted SA (x)
  • Chinatown (1974) - reveal of incest & CSA in the last 5 minutes (x)
  • The Chronicles of Riddick - Implied SA; child slavery mentioned (x).
  • The Cider House Rules - Incest and CSA is a major theme (x).
  • City of God - Implied but disturbing R (x)
  • The Clan of the Cave Bear - (x)
  • Clash of the Titans (1981 AND 2010) - off-screen R of a woman by a god (x)
  • Clerks - Necrophilia, offscreen (x)
  • Clerks 2 - Bestiality (x)
  • Cleveland Abduction (TV Movie 2015) - R, SA, kidnapping, based on a true story (x)
  • A Clockwork Orange - Graphic R [about 12 minutes in] (x).
  • Closet Land - Implied R, harassment, graphic SA/ violence (x).
  • Closure (Straightheads) - Very graphic R scenes (at least three) and the plot of the movie is about seeking revenge (x).  (x)
  • Cloud Atlas - Graphic R (x)
  • Coal Miner’s Daughter - (x)
  • C.O.G. - Attempted R (x)
  • Cold Mountain - Graphic R(x)
  • Cold Prey 3 - Implied R (x)
  • The Color Purple - Graphic R (x)
  • Come and See - Off screen R, can be heard (x)
  • Come Back to Me - Implied R (x)
  • Compliance - Graphic R - (x)
  • Con Air - Multiple scenes of attempted R. One character makes graphic threats to another (x)
  • Conan the Barbarian (1982) - implied R at ~22:00 (x)
  • Concrete (Konkurīto) (2004) - Very graphic R (x)
  • Confusion Na Wa - (x)
  • Contracted - Audible R, also necrophilia (x)
  • Coward of the County - (x)
  • Cracks (2009)- On screen attempted R followed by implied off screen R, towards end of movie. (x)
  • The Craft - Graphic attempt of R (x)
  • The Craigslist Killer (2011) - (x)
  • Crank - Coercive R (x)
  • Crash - Implied R (x)
  • Creep - R discussion 30:53-34:35 and 35:45-35:51. If it’s skipped, nothing relevant would be missing. There are also a few other mentions of R throughout the film.  (x).
  • The Crime of Kiyoshi Ōkubo (Ōkubo Kiyoshi no Hanzai).
  • Crimsom Peak - Plot twist involves sibling COCSA, which is implied to be coerced (x).
  • The Crow - Graphic flashbacks (x).
  • The Crucible (also called Silenced) (2011) - Very graphic CSA (x)
  • The Crucible (1996) - Graphic description of CSA/R, most of the story is centered around a CSA/R (x)
  • Cruel Intentions 3 - R (x).
  • Cube (1997) - Attempted R (x)
  • The Czar of Brazil - see Jungle Warriors


  • The D Train - questionable consent while under the influence (x)
  • Dahmer (2002) - Implied R (x)
  • Daniel & Ana - Graphic incest and R (x)
  • Dark Places - Graphic CSA flashback (x).
  • Dark Touch - Implied CSA and incest. There is a brief flashback closer to the end of the movie, but it’s not graphic (x).
  • Dark Tourist – Graphic CSA, Graphic SA, Gore - (x)
  • Darkroom (2013)- Triggering sentences (x).
  • Daughter of Darkness (Mie men can an zhi nie sha) - R/revenge genre (x)
  • A Day Late and a Dollar Short - Brief incest - (x)
  • Dead Calm - Graphic R during 01:00:00-01:01:00 (x).
  • Dead Girl - Graphic R (x)
  • Dead Man’s Shoes - R/Revenge genre; graphic scenes of R (x).
  • Dead Man Walking - Graphic (x)
  • Dead Rising: Watchtower - Attempted R (x)
  • Deadly Prey - (x)
  • Death and the Maiden* - (x)
  • Death of a Ghost Hunnter (2007) - implied [87:17 - 90:26 mins] (x)
  • Death Wish I and II - (x)(x)
  • Deathstalker (1983)* - (x)
  • Deep in My Heart - (x)
  • Defiance (2008) - Off screen R and discussion of R (x)
  • Deuces Wild - Off screen R (x)
  • Deliverance - Graphic R(x)
  • Derailed - Very graphic R(x)
  • Descent - (x)
  • Desperate Justice (A Mother’s Revenge) - (x)
  • The Devil’s Rejects - Graphic R (x)
  • Devil Returns - (x)
  • Disturbed - (x)
  • Disturbing Behavior - SA, R (x)
  • Divergent - Brief but graphic attempted R (x)
  • The Divide (2011) - Multiple scenes of R, at least one of which is graphic (x)
  • Django Unchained (2012)- Forced prostitution, references to R (x)
  • Dog Pound - Graphic R (x)
  • Dogville - Many scenes of R, of which at least one is graphic (x)
  • Dogtooth - graphic coercive R and incest(x)
  • Dolls - Graphic R (x).
  • Don’t Cry Mommy (돈 크라이 마미; Don keurai Mami)* - (x)
  • Don’t Deliver Us From Evil (Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal)* - (x)
  • Don’t Ride on Late Night Trains - see Night Train Murders
  • Doom Generation - Graphic by a neo-nazi (x)
  • Dorothy Mills (2008) - Graphic R 85:00 - 86:00 mins
  • Double Daddy (2015) - R by female perpetrator; victim blaming; stalking (x)
  • Dream Boy - Graphic R (x)
  • Dredd - SA (x)
  • Dry* - (x)
  • Due Date - talk of CSA, masturbation near someone who leaves to get away from it. (x)
  • Dumb & Dumber* - Attempts R (x)
  • Dushman* - (x)
  • The Duchess - Graphic R(x)


  • Eastern Promises - Graphic R, sexual violence (x)
  • Easy A - attempted R (handled well) - (x)
  • Ebola Syndrome - Graphic R (x).
  • Eclipse - Implied R/Revenge (x).
  • Eden - see Abduction of Eden.
  • Eden Lake - The movie ends with a graphicly implied R (x).
  • Ee Sabdam Innathe Sabdam* - (x).
  • Eight Legged Freaks – Sexual harassment, not graphic (x).
  • Eighteen Springs* (Ban sheng yuan) - (x).
  • El Topo - Implied R, graphic R (x).
  • End of Days - R attempt (x).
  • The Entity - R is a theme of the movie, multiple graphic scenes (x).
  • Escape - R attempt (x).
  • Escape from Tomorrow - Implied R (x).
  • Estranged* - Graphic R
  • Evil Dead (first, also remake) - Graphic R, remake is more graphic (x)(x)* The Evil Within (Baby Blood)* - (x)
  • Excalibur - R by deceit, incest - (x)
  • Extremities - SA (x)
  • The Exorcist - Graphic R (x)
  • The Eye 2 (Jian Gui 2) - Graphic R attempt in 35:25-36:51 (x).
  • Eye for an Eye - Graphic R (x)
  • Eyes Wide Shut - R (x).
  • The Experiment (2010) (Das Experiment, 2001) - Graphic R (x)*
  • Ex Machina- Implied R? (x)


  • Face/Off* - Attempted R (x)
  • The Factory - Villain is serial R****t, forced impregnation, unclear R shown on a phone at 18:26 to 18:51, R discussion at 19:04 to 19:16 (x)
  • Fair Game* - The director was disturbed by people taking the movie seriously, he decided he couldn’t make anymore like it (x).
  • The Falling - Graphic R (x)
  • The Family (2013) - Attempted R (x)
  • The Fantasticks (1995) - R discussion, used as comedy device. There’s a song called “R Ballet" (x).
  • Far from Home - R (x).
  • Farewell My Concubine - Implied R (x).
  • Fat Girl - Graphic R (x).
  • Father’s Day* - (x)
  • Faults - Implied R, SA and incest (x).
  • Fear* - (x)
  • Fear and Loathing in Last Vegas* - (x)
  • Female Prisoner No. 701: Sasori (Joshū Nana-maru-ichi Gō / Sasori) - Sexploitation, women in prison genre, graphic R (x)
  • Female Convict Scorpion (sequel to above, multiple movies) - Sexploitation, women in prison film, graphic R (x)(x)
  • Female Trouble - Graphic R spread throughout the whole movie, attempted pedophilia, attempted incest, CSA, all of the above played for comedy - (x)
  • Festival of Lights* - (x)
  • Fierce People (2005) - Implied R(x)
  • Fight for Your Life* - (x)
  • Filth - Graphic R, statutory - (x)
  • Fire Walk With Me - Brief, graphic R(x)
  • Five Across the Eyes - Graphic R, violent (x)
  • Flame* - (x)
  • Flesh and Blood - Graphic R at beginning of film, attempted GR - (x)
  • The Flock – Implied R, Graphic SA and torture - (x)
  • Flowers in the Attic* (1987 and 2014) - Incest, abuse (x) (x).
  • The Flowers of War - Graphic R, graphic discussion of past R, attempted statutory R, summary contains the R word - (x)
  • For A Few Dollars More* - Implied and graphic R(x).
  • For Colored Girls - Graphic R, SA (x)
  • Forced Entry - Remake of a porno so take from that what you will (x)
  • Forever Young* - Attempted R, SA - (x)
  • Forrest Gump - Implied R, incest (x).
  • Four of the Apocalypse (I Quattro dell'apocalisse)* - (x)
  • Freeway - R attempt, CSA mentions and pictures (x).
  • Freeze Me - Graphic R/revenge genre (x).
  • Frenzy - The whole movie revolves around the fact that one of the main characters is a serial R**ist. Graphic R (x).
  • Friday the 13th - Part 8 “Jason Takes Manhattan), about halfway through, R attempt (x).
  • From Dusk Till Dawn - Implied R (x)
  • Fury - sexual harassment (x)
  • Fury Road - see Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Future Diary - see Mirai Nikki.


  • G. I. Jane - Attempted R (x).
  • Galaxy of Terror (1981) - Graphic R, violent (x)
  • Gangster Squad - Graphic R attempt minute 10 aprox, sexplotation (x)
  • Gator Bait - Graphic R/revenge genre (x)* The General’s Daughter - Graphic R (x)
  • Georgia Rule - R, CSA and CSA recurrent discussions (x).
  • Get Hard – Implied prison R, used as a comedy device - (x)
  • Get Him to the Greek - Graphic R, played for comedy (x)
  • Get the Gringo - Graphic R (x).
  • Ghosted (2011) - Graphic R (x).
  • The Gift (VI) - Implied R that caused a pregnancy, towards the end of the film. It’s the central “plot twist” nd comes out of nowhere (x).
  • Gia - Implied R (x).
  • The girl in the Book - Graphic CSA; it’s a recurrent theme in the plot (x).
  • Girl, Interrupted* - Graphic R, CSA/incest mentions (x).
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night - Graphic metaphor for R and/or attempted R (x).
  • Girl With a Pearl Earring*- Attempted R (x)
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (multiple versions) - Very graphic R (x)(x).
  • Girls Against Boys - R/revenge genre (x).
  • The Girl Next Door 2007 - Extremely graphic multiple R, CSA, implied gang R, statutory R. (x).
  • Gladiator* (2000) - Mentions, implied attempt of R(x)
  • Gloria - Statory R, implied (x)*
  • Goldfinger* - Implied R, romanticized (x)
  • Good for Nothing - Attempted R (x)
  • Good Kill (2014) - R, Graphic R (x)
  • Go, Go, Second Time Virgin ( Yuke Yuke Nidome no Shojo)* - (x)
  • Goth (2003) - Implied R (x)
  • Gone* - (x)
  • Gone Girl - Implied R (x)
  • Gone With the Wind - Offscreen R (x)
  • Gothika - Implied snuff film, only the start of it is seen, brief R (x)
  • The Graduates of Malibu High (Young Warriors)* - (x)
  • Gran Torino (2008) - Implied R (x)
  • Grease (1978) - Attempted R (x).
  • Grease 2 - attempted R by deception during the song “Let’s Do It For Our Country” (x)
  • The Great Dictator - R attempt used as a comedy device (x).
  • Grotesque - R, SA, sexplotation, sexual violence. Everything is graphic (x).
  • The Green Mile - Graphicly implied (x).
  • Gummo (1997) - Implied R (x)
  • A Gun for Jennifer - Graphic R/revenge genre (x).
  • Gun Hill Rd - Beginning of R halfway through the movie (Hector and Angie’s scene) cuts away before R starts but it’s implied; over an hour into the movie explicit CSA/R and the fathers is an accompliance (x).
  • Gun Woman (Nyotaiju Gun Woman) – Graphic R - (x).
  • Gutterballs - Extended, very graphic R, SA (x).

*Details unknown


  1. IMDb Parents’ Guide - go to the page for the show and click parents guide on the menu on the right. It describes the acts, so be forewarned.
  2. Common Sense Media - reviews and ratings
  3. TV Tropes - details various different kinds of R in almost all forms of media.
  4. Wikipedia - when all else fails, there is sometimes a detailed synopsis of the plot there.
  5. BBFC - British Board of Film Classification

(sometimes more thorough than IMDb, check “insight”)