Everyone is writing goodbye messages for you, now I feel like I should write one. Well, thats not actually true, that makes it sound like I feel as though I have an obligation to do so, which I don’t feel. I guess the better way to put it is, it makes me WANT to write one. Yeah?

Maybe I’ll write a beautiful, much more … what’s the word, literate? and heartfelt one in that letter I’m going to write you.
Pen pals, yeah? You can’t back out now man.

I guess, for us at least, not much will change. I mean, sure, you’re moving, but hell, so am I. MOVING TO THE SAME STATES YEYE can’t get more bause than that. Even if it’s different cities… only one and a half hours by public transport! I want my Inheritance… you totally kept it so that I would have to visit you, didn’t you. I see through this plan you made >=[

I haven’t known you for very long, and at times there have been prolonged periods of no talking due to your disgusting habit of leaving your Skype on while you’re not actually at your phone/computer. I have learnt that there is no point ever starting the conversation with you, to let you always initiate first. I have learnt that while you happen to be one of the most dedicated, motivated guys who actually has a set dream that you want to and will follow until the end, you still manage to have some kind of sick addiction to your PS3. 

But enough of all those, well, evidently majorrrrrrr flawz in ur personalityzorz. Isn’t it funny how our worlds have collided? That I saw you in chinese school, but never talked to you, never knew you. That I saw you, completely randomly, out of the blue, and even managed to basically recognize you, when you were at Doncaster job-hunting. That I found you on tumblr before that, and commented on your ask, that you were on the same time I was, that we had this long-ass tumblr ask box progression before Skype took over. The awkward question you asked me, that I made you answer back yourself the first time you saw me. Meeting Hutch and Evan.

Hutch, I bet almost anything you’re reading this. So
1. Hello
2. I’m so glad I met you
3. I would write a dedication to you, maybe I will later
4. If thats the case I should stop invading Drew’s dedication with words about you

Oh, my dear gosh. I will never forget those group skype chats… where you randomly decided to send us two photos of yourself after going up to Sorrento… one of them being this :

I’m still not sure why you sent this one, to be honest… I mean, I guess that’s a pretty cool red backpack? We all know you’re ridiculously tall for an asian. You have your hand on the back of your neck, why could that be? Maybe a vain attempt at stopping the sunburn that you received that day. LOL.

I’m happy that we’re so comfortable with each other that we can make stupid jokes laik dis babbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. That you trusted me enough to tell me things about your past. That we’re friends. 
Good life.


1. you’re cool
2. LOLjk babyface
3. good luck in queensland
4. if you don’t visit me i will forever shun.

okok. baiiiiiiii, naightz